Meet the Experts

No organisation can run on its own and a business is only as good as its people. MVIS takes a huge amount of pride in our team members and strongly encourage all team members to take every opportunity for training and development. As a result, and in conjunction with our recruitment practices, we boast one of the best trained and highest skilled workforces in the industry.

Today, we are going to shine a spotlight on the experts in our organisation, taking a look at the foundations of what makes us the most trusted ITS supplier in the industry. 

Tom Hooton – Research & Development Manager – Bartco UK

As manager of Research & Development for Bartco UK, in many ways, Tom is where it all starts. MVIS and Bartco UK are known for bringing new products and solutions to market that can go on to change the whole industry. Working as Technical Supervisor until 2021, Tom has had a hand in helping to develop most of these solutions, including developing a few of his own already during his time in the role.

New products to us such as the CCTV VMS integration and the Compact Portable CCTV owe their development to Tom, as well as many other products that are currently being worked on – the Bartco UK R&D department has never been more productive.

The scope that the products Tom has worked on and is currently working on is limitless. Often tasked with bringing requested solutions to life for high profile clients, Tom has a keen ability to deploy the best technology in the best way to deliver the customer’s vision.

Now working alongside newly appointed Research & Development Assistant, Mizzy Watson, Tom will be training Mizzy as well as taking on new perspectives from her as someone who previously worked with customers in the Customer Relations department.

Mark Ashbee – London Depot Manager – MVIS

Mark has worked with us since 2015, proving himself on countless occasions to uphold and embody the values of service and quality that MVIS prioritise. Mark’s fantastic attitude exemplifies the approach we take with our customers, making his promotion to London Depot Manager in 2021 a logical appointment.

His role as London Depot Manager entails ensuring the smooth running of one of our key depots in the south of the UK, and with Delivery Technician, Jay Bailey, they together service works based down south, allowing us to deploy units quickly for important projects especially in the London area.

Mark is often required to manage ‘out of the ordinary’ deliveries that drivers based in other locations in the UK may not face so regularly. Servicing the London area usually requires a different approach to the rest of the UK, having to work around the heavy traffic, public transport, lack of parking, congestion charges, cyclists and other large city challenges that London is well known for. In order to work effectively on London roads, Mark and Jay must frequently conduct unit maintenance and other duties in the early hours of the morning, requiring expert knowledge regarding what the right roads to take are and when to minimise the infamous city centre difficulties.

Jon Larkins – North Delivery Supervisor – MVIS

Joining the group in 2017, Jon has progressed within the company to North Delivery Supervisor, working alongside Delivery Technician, Liam Griffiths servicing the Midlands and the North of the UK.

Jon has impeccable leadership and customer service skills, often receiving positive customer comments and being liked amongst colleagues as well – Jon has received Employee of the Month countless times in recent years for going above and beyond what is expected of him.

Highly trained in his role, Jon has continued to develop during his time at MVIS, recently qualifying as the group’s 3rd Mental Health First Aider, supporting every member of the team.

Jon is a dependable and highly skilled team player with great product knowledge and a passion for customer service.

Rebecca Prince – Purchasing & Stock Control Supervisor – Bartco UK

Bec started working with the company in 2015 as an apprentice and ever since has worked her way up to a supervisor role.

Seizing every opportunity for development possible, Bec is a prime example of how well the MVIS / Bartco UK apprenticeship programme can work, equipping her with not just the skills to do her role, but also skills and experience that contributes to a well-rounded employee.

In her role as Purchasing and Stock Control Supervisor, Bec has a keen understanding of the products and their components. With her strong communication skills, Bec works with the Bartco UK workshop team to ensure that we have the necessary tools and components stocked for all products so that the team can do their jobs for unit manufacture and maintenance.

Working alongside and training up Pip Wood, who herself also started as an apprentice, Bec has a wide scope of responsibility that is vital to the everyday running of the group.

Tim Hill – Workshop Supervisor – Bartco UK

Tim started with the group back in 2015 as a member of our delivery and maintenance team, progressing to Workshop Supervisor in 2019, where he oversees our Technical Support Team and Technical apprentices. We identified Tim’s ability for inspiring new talent early on, seeing him as a senior member of the team due to his experience fairly quickly.

Through his guidance and supervision, Tim is helping the entire workshop team develop their knowledge and skills, guiding not just our apprentice Jacob Spencer, but also some of the more experienced team members, Cain Gregory and George Sheldon, who always have something to learn from someone with as many years of experience as Tim does.

Technically minded with a keen eye for detail, Tim’s always on hand to make sure units are built on time and to the highest standard and his hands-on approach is valued highly by both customers and colleagues.

Chris Steel – Accounts Officer – MVIS

As our Accounts Officer, Chris is a highly skilled and experienced accountant, with a strong attention to detail.

Managing the company’s accounts, ensuring things are paid and working with Tom Berry in Credit Control, Chris is a vital component in the group’s financial success.

With extensive experience in Sage and offering support to other departments such as Sales or Purchasing & Stock Control, he is always ready to help members of the team from any level of the company who need assistance.

Being Accounts Officer requires Chris to be diligent and organised, not letting things go unpaid. This is a highly important job within the group as many systems we use require payment, which, if left unpaid, will result in bottlenecks in many staff member’s workflows and may even result in work being lost.

Sean Brown – Marketing Manager – MVIS

Sean has been with the company since 2019 and was taken on to manage the transition from agency marketing to in-house marketing. This task was a huge undertaking, having to build new systems for us to use and build a whole new infrastructure that suited an in-house marketing department.

Working alongside Alex Handley as Marketing Assistant and Ben Ashman as Data Assistant, Sean also oversees the group’s lead generation activities, assisting Juliette Wright in sales to reach out to new customers in new industries.

Sean is also charged with the development of his team, focusing on training Alex and Ben to enhance their skillset, raising the bar internally.

After working in marketing management for over 8 years, there isn’t much in the field that Sean hasn’t seen, equipping him with a wide range of skills that are perfect for an infrastructure build of this scale. However, since being with MVIS, Sean has continued to develop, recently obtaining his IOSH Managing Safely V5.0 qualification, as well as a Diversity and Equality in Workplace Diploma Level 3, earning him the title of Diversity Officer for the group.

Graeme Lee – Sales Director – MVIS

Graeme has worked with the group since 2012, helping to build our customer base and enforcing the high standards we set for ourselves through leading by example.

Highly skilled in sales, networking and maintaining relationships, Graeme is well respected within the industry and has amassed a number of career achievements during his time with us.

Graeme oversees the sales department, working with Sales & Customer Relations Administrator Juliette Wright to ensure that enquiries and projects of all sizes are managed properly. With years of experience in producing high value tender submissions and working with high profile customers from many different industries, Graeme is an incredibly valued member of the team.

Working by the principals of honesty, integrity and trust, Graeme’s reputation precedes him within the industry, being close friends with colleagues and customers alike after so many years of hard work and excellent service.

Anne Ashman – UK Group Commercial and Operations Director – MVIS

Anne is the central nexus of the MVIS and Bartco UK machine, leading the whole team through whatever is thrown our way.

During her 10 years with the group companies, Anne has gained 3 ISO standards across MVIS and Bartco UK, as well as countless accreditations that all support the Sales and Marketing teams to do their jobs, as well as laying a foundational framework for everyone to work to, keeping us safe and making sure our work is of the highest standard.

Anne strongly believes in the personal development of herself and her team, often mentoring apprentices and ensuring all new starters get the right training they need.  She has completed an OU Business Management degree, gained a level 5 HR qualification, IOSH Managing Safely, Directors Development Program and last year, earning the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner qualifications whilst running the group companies.

Anne’s guidance is a critical component to the smooth running of the group, with a lot of the success we’ve seen over the last 10 years happening under her supervision.