Traffic Management

Intelligent Transport Systems

MVIS have a strong track record of supporting the Traffic Management industry using our unique and innovative range of ITS solutions. Designed to assist with a wide range of challenges often presented to local authorities and other parties requiring such measures, our products offer a safer, more efficient and cleaner way of dealing with traffic management than most alternatives.

Our range of products work together to provide cost effective, responsible and scalable solutions that don’t require any civils, external power or communication sources, and what’s more is that these solutions are already used by councils and leading Traffic Management organisations throughout the UK, with a proven track record of success. In this post, we will take a look at what makes MVIS and our products ideal for your ITS needs.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2012, MVIS have become market leaders in Traffic Management solutions through our rental supply of ITS products such as portable variable message signs (VMS), data collection radars, CCTV and ANPR to name but a few. MVIS have worked with some of the largest traffic management groups and local councils across the UK to deliver ITS solutions that helps keep traffic moving, people safe and drivers informed.

Working with Highways England on highways development projects gives MVIS a credibility that competitors are unable to match, from our ISO accreditations registered in quality, environmental and health & safety to our highly trained employees, MVIS is a trusted supplier of ITS products for one of the most important infrastructure groups in our country as well as companies from across the UK.

Products & Solutions


Our range of VMS (Variable Message Signs) are ideal for traffic management applications. With a secure footprint, our temporary VMS products pack a wealth of technology into a highly portable and versatile unit.

One of the biggest advantages we have with our VMS is the fact that they are solar powered, offering a fully autonomous solar charging system that delivers a high quality, bright and low power consuming LED display that costs nothing to run in energy, making it environmentally friendly.

Used as a stand-alone temporary VMS or in conjunction with radar for data collection, our VMS can also be used to display a range of reactive messages that could be helpful for traffic management applications. As a tried and tested solution, both the VMS-A and the VMS-C are suited to all roads, however, they do have their own specific features lending themselves to different applications.

Our VMS-A is ideally suited to inner cities and roads with speed zones up to 50mph, being a smaller unit than the VMS-C, which itself is better suited to high speed roads where speeds are greater than 60mph. In conjunction with radar, our VMS-A units in particular are popular solutions to help communicate speed reactive messages such as ‘TOO FAST’ to drivers who are exceeding the speed limit.

Additionally, our VMS are easy to set up and operate, offering a traffic management solution that is reliable under all conditions and has the flexibility to display red, green, blue, white and amber colours. Supporting full graphics and pictograms, our VMS are great for use as traffic signs or communicating information to drivers.

traffic management solutionsHowever, for more specific needs, MVIS also offer an HD VMS that is much smaller than even the VMS-A. The HD Compact VMS delivers an HD red and white dual colour display with radar and weighs below 10kg, allowing installation on existing street furniture or on its own battery box and post. As if this solution wasn’t versatile enough, its power supply can be drawn from battery, solar or mains, making it ideal for fixed, permanent applications as well as temporary ones. Mainly used on lower speed roads, this VMS unit is often the message sign of choice for speed reactive messages in such a context due to its low power consumption, versatility and portability.

Important for particularly lengthy projects, our dedicated team (who closely monitor all of our units via a range of methods) take care in ensuring that batteries are charged and all VMS are operational, going out on site to perform battery changes or check on our unit if something goes wrong.

As one of our leading product ranges, you can be sure that our VMS solutions are a safe and stable solution for your traffic management needs. From collecting data to directing traffic, if you, like many others, think that a VMS from MVIS could help your traffic management requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Solar Intelligent Platform (Solar IP)

Our Solar IP is available for hire along with a wide range of our products, offering a flexible and responsive approach to traffic management projects. As a simple and cost-effective power solution, deployment of the Solar IP requires no civils or external communications, delivering an integrated intelligent transport system that meets specific needs for any combination of our ANPR, CCTV or radar. Including a 12V, 24V or 48V battery, our Solar IP boasts the latest solar charging system and is not dependant on an external energy supply, making it environmentally friendly.

Serving as one of our most innovative and ground breaking products, the Solar IP is an ideal power source for temporary ITS solutions that have proven their value to countless numbers of happy clients.

Data Collection Radar

As mentioned previously, our Data Collection Radar features heavily in our product range as a fantastic complimentary addition to our VMS units for speed reactive and data collection applications. However, our HD Data Collection Radar is also available as a stand-alone product with our Solar IP, used to support speed detection, data collection and other traffic management applications that may not require a VMS.

Adaptable to all weather and lighting conditions, this product is accurate and reliable, using the very latest technology to collection a consistent level of accurate data and can be deployed for queue detection, journey time, vehicle analytics and other applications important for traffic management.

Portable CCTV

Our trailer mounted portable CCTV units come complete with our Solar IP, making this product environmentally friendly as well as portable and versatile. Ideal for traffic management applications that see high traffic, this product excels where speed enforcement and road safety are of critical importance.

This solar powered CCTV solution features Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and incorporates the latest video technology that delivers excellent frame rates, even in poor signal areas. With a flat, toughened glass window, our easy to operate portable CCTV is protected to IP67, making it reliable under all conditions.


Jenoptiks’ ANPR with Solar IP

As a credit to the quality of our solutions, we also work with 3rd party organisations in the pursuit of developing products that our customers require. The Jenoptik Vector ANPR with Solar IP is demonstration of just this kind of collaboration at work, bringing together the efforts of German integrated photonics group, Jenoptik and the product development team at ITS manufacturer, Bartco UK, MVIS’ sister company.

These collaborative efforts come together to enable MVIS to be able to offer the Jenoptik ANPR complete with our Solar IP, forming a full solution that is environmentally friendly, low cost to run and does the job effectively. Integrating the industry leading ANPR processor with a state of the art dual camera imaging system, this product enables the combination of ANPR and overview cameras to exactingly suit the client’s application.

Operating automatically, this solution can auto-detect vehicles as they pass the mounted Vector’s field of view, or it may also be linked to an external trigger to enable weigh in motion capture or other applications where certain vehicles require identification.

Versatile and operating in all weather and lighting conditions, this solar powered ANPR solution may be configured to read characters in formats issues by all countries and operates in darkness through the use of cost-effective pulsed LED illumination that can either be left visible or made covert.

For more information about how MVIS can help with your traffic management needs, please call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via