New partnership with Highways England

Mobile Visual Information Systems Ltd (MVIS) developed a temporary intelligent transport system (ITS) solution which receives DATEX II real time journey time data from Highways England’s National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC), collected from in-vehicle sensors.

The data is used to calculate journey times from the locations of MVIS’ 11 portable Bartco UK VMS-C variable message signs (VMS) along the MSM roadworks to the end of the affected stretch of motorway. The times are uploaded onto the desired portable VMS every five minutes.

Configurable safeguards ensure that journey times computed do not fall outside the range made feasible by current speed limits and that they do not conflict with messages on permanent VMS.  The automated VMS messages may be manually overridden in the event of a network incident.

Said MVIS’ technical manager, Matt Felce: 

“MVIS is an innovative firm, and so was pleased to have the opportunity to work in partnership with Highways England to develop the first solution enabling real-time journey time information from NTOC to be displayed on portable VMS.”

MVIS works in partnership with other leading providers to create bespoke temporary ITS solutions for traffic management organisations to help the road network to operate efficiently and safely.

Its solar powered solutions incorporate monitoring and visual information equipment:  VMS, ANPR and CCTV cameras, radar and Intellicone contactless sensor technology.  MVIS’ VMS signs are manufactured in the UK by Bartco UK.

MVIS’ products are available nationwide via a network of over 20 depots.