How Versatile is the VMS-A?

Designed for messaging on roads under 50mph and typically targeted toward High Speed and Traffic Management industries, the VMS-A over the years has proven itself to be highly capable when it comes to urban deployments. 

The VMS-A is one of our most popular units, with its versatility allowing it to serve a wide range of applications. It is perfect for urban environments as it has the required size and messaging capability, but is smaller than a VMS-C which makes it more portable and versatile. Its relatively small footprint allows it to be deployed in locations with limited space, such as car parks or high streets.

Urban Deployments

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many VMS-A units deployed into new areas, such as retail and on high streets in town or city centres to help spread messaging. The VMS-A’s messaging power can also be leveraged for displaying messaging and updates to the public in situations such as emergencies, festivals, and events. Such situations may call for strong messaging especially if they attract large numbers of people, allowing the capability of VMS-A to really shine. 

The VMS-A can be operated remotely via a web browser or smartphone device which is ideal for urban environments as messaging may need to be changed frequently and access can be limited.  You can also set it up for scheduled operation and vehicle activation so that it doesn’t display messages when it isn’t needed.  

Using Web Studio or the BartcoLive App, clients can display more than just the expected traffic signalling pictograms and recreate all sorts of images as the VMS-A boasts a brilliant 5 colour LED display. 

Optional integrations such as CCTV or the ITS Integrated Environmental Sensor allow the VMS-A to double up as a multifunctional unit that can either increase security and safety or serve as a low-cost air quality monitoring station. Its built-in data collection radar makes it ideal for bustling towns and city centres as it can collect traffic trend data on date, time and speed. 

Parking Applications

One of the biggest areas we have seen our technology thrive in is in parking applications. The VMS-A can help clear up confusion, directing drivers and pedestrians in situations where certain stores or areas of a car park may be closed.

A good example of this use is with Barnsley Council, which used 2x VMS-A signs in late 2020 in a central car park to help communicate important COVID messaging to people before they entered Barnsley town centre.

By deploying a VMS-A in key locations, local authorities can also raise awareness of their Park and Ride services, as well as other newly developed parking provisions. A great example of this is our work with Oxfordshire County Council, which in late 2020 used 8x VMS-A units to help combat congestion in the city centre. 

The messaging power of the VMS-A in terms of its screen size can also help with directing people to the correct areas in very large car parks, such as at conferences, stadiums or arenas. For car parks with limited space, we even offer a portable VMS with a smaller footprint than the VMS-A known as the HD Compact. This unit is our smallest VMS, but despite its small size, it still packs a huge amount of functionality. 

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