Case Studies

Barnsley Council

MVIS have long been relied upon to help bring clear and concise messaging to the general public. This is especially true over the last year, where we have taken a front facing role across the UK in helping local authorities communicate important COVID messaging to the general public, helping to maintain standards of safety, keep people informed as well as keep order in town centres, high streets, points of interest and other central locations such as car parks.

Amongst these local authorities was Barnsley Council, who contacted MVIS back in November 2020 to help assist with COVID messaging and car park information. Requiring 2x VMS A portable variable message signs to help inform visitors to the town centre. With one deployed in a the town centre car park and one deployed in the town centre itself, the council were able to get maximum exposure of their messages, which included COVID Tier information, safety instructions, and car park opening times.

A representative of Barnsley Council from the Events and Programme department commented, “They really helped get the COVID message across to the public, we had good feedback.”

On the units themselves, they added, “The signs were all in great condition with no sign of wear and tear, they looked clean and well looked after.” Having been given access to our Bartco Live mobile app to change the content on the signs so they could stay reactive to the changing situation, they also mentioned, “The app is great! So easy to update the sign in near real time, and everything is customisable and fool proof.”

What’s more is that especially during COVID, flexibility is an important aspect, which is why our units are the ideal solution. Being trailer-based portable electronic signs, our units can be relocated easily. Our client commented, “We didn’t need to move the signs as they were perfectly located, however I think it would have been very easy to move had we needed to.”

As with all our customers, we delivered not only the signs, but also the premium customer service for which we are known, to which they added, “(The) customer service was excellent, any emails were answered promptly and the installation and removal was seamless, access to the portal for updating was delivered promptly.”

Graeme Lee, Sales Manager at MVIS said, “It’s always great to hear good feedback from our customers and it’s a real testament to the effort our team puts in for each and every job. We are very happy to have helped Barnsley Council with their COVID messaging and we are proud of the part we have played in helping to keep the citizens of Barnsley safe.”

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