Recruiting Internally for Success

As a group, MVIS and Bartco UK take pride in our ability to recognise talent and place skills in the right places. In the past we have relocated employees with talents in a specific skill to other departments in order to allow them to develop and grow more with the company than their previous role allowed.

But this approach brings with it more advantages than just personal development. As demonstrated by our cross-departmental training initiative, we find it to be of great benefit when our team are trained across departments. This allows each member of staff to gain a deeper appreciation of what team members in other departments are required to do. When staff understand this, everyone can work together more effectively.

One of our more recent shifts has been with Mizzy Watson. Having worked in Customer Relations for over 2 years, Mizzy has an excellent understanding of the products, how they work and importantly, what customers want. At the beginning of February, Mizzy transitioned from the MVIS Customer Relations team to Bartco UK’s Research and Development department, working alongside R&D Manager, Tom Hooton, as Research & Development Assistant.

Working with Mizzy will offer Tom not only another pair of hands to assist him with product development, but it also offers him a unique perspective in R&D and connects the department with direct customer experience.

Tom Hooton comments, “I’m really looking forward to working with Mizzy. Her previous role required her to have a keen attention to detail, which is so vital in this department. Combine this with her knowledge of the products and our customers and she’s perfect to work in R&D.”

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director added, “When a role arises within our group, it’s always great to promote from within, it pays to look internally to see if we already have the skills and experience in-house before we bring someone else in. We are all very excited to see what Mizzy and the R&D department can do.”