All that is MVIS – Celebrating 9 Years

After 9 years, the team at MVIS have built many memories of shared experiences. As the company grows, in its 10th year, it is important to celebrate all of our staff, not only for their achievements but to also show appreciation for the everyday tasks that they do within the company. Every member of our team is vital to the high quality, award winning customer service which we are proud to boast.

Going above and beyond is something that we see every day within the company and couldn’t be prouder of our award winning  team. With each and every one of our departments excelling in their field, we thought that there would be no better time to take a look at our incredible work family and how they have developed themselves and their careers over the years.

anne ashman

At the forefront of our company is our UK Group Commercial and Operations Director, Anne Ashman. Joining us back in 2011 at Colour Mobile VMS before the company became MVIS, Anne has been here through it all. Not only has she lead us to being the UKs most trusted provider of portable VMS units, she has also worked her way towards her Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies which she was awarded in 2019. Anne overseas the day to day works as well as all of the background organisation. She was the main person in the achievement of our ISO accreditations in; Quality (9001:2015), Environmental Management (14001:2015) and Health & Safety (45001:2018). Anne has developed her role as not only our manager but somebody who we are able to trust and turn to in a time of need or crisis. She has also trained alongside Bartco UK’s Rebecca Prince in being our group’s mental health first aider as she encourages the team to speak up so we can work together. Never afraid  to get her hands dirty, Anne has been known to take on practical works such as developing new ideas and designs and also holding her CSCS card, there have been times in the past where she has even attended site. This has given Anne a deep appreciation of the works that all of our team take on each day which is something rarely seen in a managerial role.

Our Operation department is where the planning and preparations of our daily jobs takes place. Joining the MVIS team back in 2013, Dom Bridge started his career as an admin apprentice with the ambition to learn and grow with the then, year old company. 8 years later we see Dom as our very own Operations Manager, with management being a natural skill to Dom, he has overseen 3 apprentices offering support and guidance from his years of growth and understanding within the industry.

Working along side Dom in our Operations Department is Mizzy Watson. Being with us for only two years, Mizzy has taken on her role from day one and has made it her objective to learn with Dom and develop her skills by supporting and assisting him in day to day tasks such as our daily monitoring of over 500 units and keeping the drivers up to date with their day to day challenges as within this industry, change is something to be expected on the daily.

Working in hand with the operations department is the delivery team. Split between our strategically located depots, our highly trained team are at hand with safety and efficiency as their main prerogative. In our southern Depot, managed by Mark Ashbee, him and Jay Bailey ensure that deliveries and lead times are withheld and our high quality service and products are ready for upcoming jobs or emergency works at all times.

In the North we have Jon Larkins and Liam Griffiths. With years of experience in high-speed road areas, Jon came to us with knowledge on road safety and teamwork when on site. His training has been amplified since his time with us and he is now training Liam in onsite works and self-management, as these types of works can be fatal if improperly trained or unaware of the potential consequences of miscommunication on site.

Understanding the importance of customer service, quality trading and value in company to client relationships, we have our dedicated sales team lead by Graeme Lee our Sales Director. With over 15 years in the industry, Graeme has made some irreplaceable relationships with customers and his positive approach to any and all obstacles, is what makes him a valuable part of our team here at MVIS. Training several new staff over the years, Graeme has recently taken our new Sales Manager, Ed under his wing after his promotion.

Joining us in September 2020, Ed Faulkner`s training wasn’t as straight forward as most due to his first few months being limited to working from home during the Covid-19 Pandemic, however this hasn’t hindered his strong natured character and he has since made contact with many new and old customers, building himself a strong clientele in under a year of joining us.  

Graeme and Ed were joined by Juliette Wright as Sales and Customer Service Assistant in early 2021, Juliette`s  main job roles include, speaking with customers on a daily basis and keeping the sales forecasts and paperwork organized for when Ed and Graeme are on the roads. Juliette came to MVIS with a wide catalogue of skills which she has picked up over her years of working in customer service and administration.

Back in 2019, MVIS decided to bring the Marketing department in-house and the first step towards this was hiring our Marketing Manager, Sean Brown. Sean`s pasts consist of 8 years of marketing experience and has put many hours in building and maintaining an in-house marketing infrastructure. Sean`s day to day tasks include; monitoring and reporting on website statistics and enquiries, producing quality blog posts which are relevant to the current climate within the industry and providing training and guidance to his team members. When Sean joined the team, our Operations assistant at the time, Tillie Woolliscroft moved into the Marketing department and has since been trained internally by Sean and externally by training providers.

sean brown and tillie woolliscroft 

Tillie began her MVIS journey in 2016 as a administration apprentice under the guidance of Dom and has since been promoted to Marketing Assistant, taking on jobs and tasks set by Sean and Anne in order to keep MVIS active on our social media platforms and has also began taking more responsibility such as writing blog posts and developing her design work.

To complete the marketing team we have Ben Ashman, our Data Assistant. Ben joined the team to accommodate the company’s growth of the Marketing Department and has taken on prospecting and data management from the team. Ben`s fast learning and devoted work ethic has lead him to be perfect for the role as it is a time consuming job to take on and his personal management of time has proven to benefit the team and expanded his abilities in his working career.

The growth and expansion of MVIS over the years is something that we are incredibly proud of. With over 500 units and counting, and a workforce that day to day exceeds expectation, in the last year we again decided to expand our team and took on Chris Steel. Chris joined MVIS as Accounts Officer in June 2020, his job roles include the maintenance and organisation of the in-house accounts department.

Tom Berry

Last but by no means least, in Credit Control we have Tom Berry. Tom began his journey with us in 2017 in the sales team alongside Graeme and has since had experience in a number of roles within the company. Tom has made himself a valuable member of the team, his knowledge of multiple departments amplifies that despite being segregated in these internal departments, that we are very much one big team here at MVIS as each department relies on the other in order to keep the smooth running, reliable company which we are proud to be apart of. 

Each one of our team here at MVIS is a vital cog in keeping this fast passed company running, in an industry that is forever expanding and developing. With staff development, new members joining our team and promotions from within, we are incredibly proud of the team that we have sculpted over the past 9 years and we look forward to many more years as a team together.