Helping the environment at Highways UK

Highways UK is one of the biggest trade shows in the highways industry, serving as an opportunity for those in the industry to network, share news and celebrate innovations that help to make the UK’s road network safer for everyone.

Last year, COVID put huge restrictions on what we could do with regards to events, pushing Highways UK to a digital platform that offered new opportunities to participants, but also felt the effects of physical isolation that the majority of 2020 brought to all of us.

However, as we learn to better deal with COVID as a society, 2021 brings even more exciting opportunities by being able to combine the best of the physical event and digital event, allowing those who are isolating or unable to attend to still take part in many aspects of the event from the comfort of their own home.

It’s not just Highways UK who are innovating too. In recent months, MVIS have been working on a new way to inform our customers about our products and solutions that breaks away from the conventional presentation folder and spec sheets, which cumulatively will have a marked impact on the environment, an impact that if we can avoid, we should.

Enter our new QR code system.

Using QR codes, visitors to our stand can now easily request an email to be sent to them automatically after scanning the code and visiting our website. A popup box appears requesting an email address, which, when filled in, triggers the email to be sent to the customer within minutes with the required spec sheets attached.

This system is an innovation that we have already seen the benefits of. As we move towards our goal of carbon neutrality, it brings us more in line with our own expectations and helps to modernise the way we inform our customers.

The paper, ink and the potential waste that is involved in the production and distribution of our information packs, has, over the years, undeniably left its mark on the environment. However, as with many things, technology has assisted us in helping to address this issue. As a result, even the fuel needed to transport the weight of our packs won’t be used, instead being swapped for a cutting-edge digital system that is both easy and convenient to use.

Attending on stand H72 on 3-4th November, visitors can drop by to see the system in action, along with exciting new innovations from us such as the ITS Integrated Environmental Sensor.

This year’s event promises to be eventful, as the first physical Highways UK since before the global COVID pandemic began. With the industry ready to go, we are very excited to take part and look forward to seeing you all there!

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