New Starters Welcomed by MVIS

As we all get settled back into the routine of daily life, we are pleased to welcome 2 new starters to MVIS at the beginning of 2022. Alex Handley and Mia Maycock started on our first day back to work after the Festive season and the pair have been welcomed into the company hitting the ground running, with training commencing immediately on our range of portable solar powered ITS solutions, on health and safety, and of course on their specific roles.

Alex, our new Marketing Assistant brings with him a Master’s degree in Digital Media Management, a qualification that equips him with solid skills and experience to help our Marketing Manager, Sean Brown, further grow and develop our marketing infrastructure and presence. As a very hands-on role, Alex will be working on our social media, helping with design and undergoing training from Sean in the background on areas such as SEO and email marketing to help develop his skills further.

Working alongside Office Manager Sean Gardner in Customer Relations, Mia will be helping to keep our customer service and delivery teams to the highest standard that we have come to expect. Being on the front line with customers, Mia’s friendly and professional demeanour as well as her quick thinking and problem-solving skills play large parts in her capability for the role. With direction and further training from Sean, Mia will certainly embody what it means to be a member of the team here at MVIS.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director comments, “Having new team members is always an exciting time for us. Not only does it bring in new skills and perspectives, but it also brings in new personalities to the group, giving us the opportunity to get to exchange experiences and learn from each other.”

Anne continues, “We are all looking forward to seeing what Alex and Mia can bring to the teams they have joined and the wider group team too. We have fantastic opportunities for all members of staff to grow with us, so we are eager for both Alex and Mia to make the most out of these.”