MVIS’ Summer of 16

It’s been a very busy summer for MVIS this year, as we’ve supplied event management solutions to a wide variety of occasions, all across the UK.

We very recently hired out 2 VMSC units to Wembley to help manage the crowds at the NFL game, which saw the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Indianapolis Colts. And with a turnout of almost 84,000 fans, our five colour LED displays were a great way to inform them of any vital travel or safety information in a quick and timely manner.

This is just one of a number of different sporting events that MVIS had hired traffic and event management solutions to this summer. Others included seven Solar IPs to Silverstone, the home of British Motor Racing, three VMS units to the Goodwood Revival Event, and a VMSC to the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City, which helped to control the footfall and direct pediestrians to the right place.

It’s not just sporting fixtures that require help to communicate messages to their audiences. Huge events need to be able to pass on important information to their guests – whether they are on foot or on the roads – and with MVIS’ impressive portfolio of event solutions, they are able to do just that. Our innovative Web Studio™ allows you to schedule messages in advance, as well as changing them in an instant; so if your information changes, you can quickly and instantly amend your message as required via any PC or a Wi-Fi enabled Apple device.

We’ve supplied a number of VMS units to large-scale music and leisure events this summer, including Creamfields, who placed theirs on-site and used it to inform motorists and shuttle bus drivers which direction to travel in; V Festival hired 4 x VMSAs and used the five colour LED displays to help demonstrate their different coloured campsites to festival-goers; Cromford Steam Rally hired a VMSA which was positioned at the side of the road and helped to inform exhibitors and travellers to the correct site. We even supplied VMS units a little closer to home, for YNOT Festival, just down the road from MVIS’ HQ over in Pikehall. This was positioned at the side of the road to warn motorists that delays were likely for the duration of the festival, making sure that everyone was forewarned and knew what to expect in advance.

Smaller events can also benefit from promoting themselves with an MVIS VMS unit. Because the screens can support eye-catching, five colour pictograms as well as text, they can be used to show images as well as simply words. This means they can be used to create logos for sponsors, or even a fun animation, as one local chip shop did recently. After hiring a VMSA to announce and promote the opening of their new business, one local chip shop created a picture of a fish to go go alongside their ‘opening soon’ message. Very innovative!

If you would like to hire traffic and event management solutions direct from MVIS, please give us a call on 01629 580 570.