MVIS takes on MR & MRS

MVIS Staff have been taking part in the ‘Journey to Wellbeing’ over the past year now. This is an initiative started by the team at National Highways.

With Long working hours, exposure to noise and pollution, traffic-related risks, and the pressure to meet deadlines, mental health in the highways sector is an issue on going for many years, this initiative started by National Highways is bringing workplaces together.

This month MVIS participated in MR & MRS, randomly pairing people in the company to see how well they know each other.

This idea gets staff members conversing and learning more about each other by simulating “married life” between two members of staff.

After four rounds of questions such as ‘who is the better driver?’ or ‘who has the best dress sense?’. Augustine and Juliette came out on top as the winners of the first MVIS MR and MRS.