Fighting the Winter Blues with Bakes and Brews

Over 2023, the team at MVIS took part in the Journey to Wellbeing. This initiative was started by National Highways & SMP Alliance, it targets the wellbeing of staff who work in the highways industry.

The industry is everchanging and these new changes are stressful to upkeep and adhere to. Due to this, our company has decided to act and internally host our own wellbeing events.

During these events we stress the importance of the theme whether it be ‘Financial Wellbeing’ or ‘Reducing Overwhelm’ and stress.  At MVIS we have three well-trained Mental Health first aiders, Our Commercial and Operations Director, Anne Ashman, Delivery Supervisor, Jon Larkins, and Purchasing Supervisor, Rebecca Prince.

Expressing the importance of talking to these people in a safe and confidential environment can reduce stress in our team and informs them that there is always someone to help.

The 15th of January 2024 was Blue Monday, a day where we see stress levels rise due to Christmas being so far behind us and pay day so far in-front.

So MVIS decided to have coffee & cakes for the team and play a board game to distract them from the stress of Blue Monday, playing the sock game. A game about collecting specific items out of long socks. Two teams competed to collect Golf Tees, Ping Pong Balls, and Elastic Bands out of long socks. After many rounds Team Tickles won.

Congratulations Team Tickles and congratulations to MVIS on another successful Journey to Wellbeing!