Company Ethos puts safety at the centre of its universe

As part of their ever-growing commitment to health, safety and wellbeing, MVIS has recently introduced their Safe Mind initiative.

MVIS, along with sister company Bartco UK, recognise Health, Safety and Wellbeing in every task they complete. Plainly put:  It is their most important value.

To ensure they keep staff, customers and stakeholders safe, just a few of the things they implement are:

  • Daily checks on all units and vehicles before they leave the depot.
  • Call ahead to the site traffic safety control officers in advance of site visits.
  • Use Full personal protective equipment (PPE) and traffic management for every site visit.
  • Risk assessments completed by delivery team prior to deployment.
  • Near Misses Reported and Investigated.
  • Monthly in-house toolbox talks.
  • Distribution of site contractors H&S briefings.
  • CSCS training.

Safe Mind - Work Safe, Work Well

MVIS have 75% of staff first aid qualified, in addition to 90% of staff having the health & safety CSCS.

The company also have 2 mental health first aiders, along with 20% IOSH trained team members to ensure all departments have someone who is fully aware of the H&S standards they need to meet.

Recently, MVIS were awarded the 45001:2018 ISO. As an SME with 19 employees across two companies, this is something MVIS and Bartco UK are extremely proud of.

With this accreditation, new safer systems of working, measurability, and continual improvement are in place to ensure MVIS get everyone home safely at the end of every single workday. This is communicated throughout the company because as General Manager Anne Ashman explains “We need buy in from the top down to the bottom, and everyone has an equal part to play.”

The MVIS ideas board. Safe Mind is a well and truly thought out ethos
The MVIS ideas board. Safe Mind is a well and truly thought out ethos


“There are two internally trained mental health first aiders, and how the company speaks about the impact of mental health is brilliant in order to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

“The construction industry has an alarming suicide rate in men and the work being done here to help was a hugely satisfying discovery to make when joining MVIS. The attitude to wellbeing is top drawer.”

Through their Safe Mind: Work Safe, Work Well campaign, MVIS are encouraging all staff members to always have a well state of mind, and if not, to come and talk to one of the in-house mental health first aiders.

Anne added:

“We aim to make sure that our staff always work in a safe manner, be it on site or in the office, and if they do then they will have a far greater potential for being well both physically and mentally.

“Staff wellbeing can only be enhanced by the peace of mind that comes with knowing we have trained mental health first aiders, and a ‘safety first’ attitude for both on and off-site works.”

“We may be an SME, but we believe in leading the way. So, why shouldn’t we promote and encourage the same values and targets as the large construction companies we work with? As an SME it is equally important to get the message across, if not more important. We have less resources, so need to ensure the whole team look out for both each other, and external parties.”