MVIS Newest Temporary Recruits!

MVIS has always been open to receiving students for Work Experience. 


Pupils from local schools come to MVIS to be taught on daily life working in a business. We teach them about our company and how we operate, this is no different for Lucas who joined us the week commencing 03/07/2023 in the workshop and Connor joining the week commencing 17/06/2023. 


At the beginning of his week Lucas completed our “New Starter” pack. He undertook a right to work check, was given an employee handbook, shown around all the buildings facilities. He then met the team and had an induction on the workshop and our health and safety processes. He was also informed as to where the fire assembly point is and what to do in an evacuation situation. 


He worked alongside our Workshop Supervisor, Cain Gregory, who showed Lucas how the workshop runs and operates during a week of work with us. Helping Lucas to understand what goes in to servicing after a VMS sign and giving him a better understanding of how the electronics of a sign works. Lucas was kept busy, washing signs and testing batteries. He learnt about the benefits of using solar panels and how we are an environmentally friendly company. 



Connor assisted our Management Accountant, Augustine Shaijan. Working with an experienced member of staff ensured that Connor developed a deeper understanding in the world of accounting regarding VAT and the HMRC. 


Connor then continued to work with Ben Kettell, our Marketing Manager, to analyse the trends of social media, researching when we need to upload posts to maximise traction from our social media posts. As the week drew to a close, Connor was tasked with inputting and analysing data and creating our latest CO2 emissions report.  



The opportunity for pupils to work with industry professionals and benefit from their wealth of knowledge is one of the many benefits of the work experience scheme. 

It was a real pleasure having Lucas and Connor with us and would happily have them back!