MVIS 2019 Christmas Calendar

Check back every day throughout December to see a new update on the MVIS and Bartco UK 2019 Christmas Calendar!

Day 25 – What Christmas Means to Mavis!

“I’ll be spending my first Christmas with Mizzy and her family! I’m looking forward to getting my own special Christmas dinner watching them open their presents with excitement!” 

Day 24 – What Christmas Means to Pat

“Christmas Day means I get to relax, put my feet up and not have to worry about our team being out on a busy site.” 

Day 23 – What Christmas Means to Anne

“The Christmas period to me is a time to make sure that we get a fun Christmas marketing campaign out, all units out on site are serviced prior to the holiday and to make sure all the staff have a great December. I love the Christmas period and try to make this rub off on the whole team, inclusive of Christmas jumper day, the company Christmas party, which I start planning in August and lots of Christmas tunes! I also ensure everything is in place to come back in January and have both companies hit the ground running for another busy year.

This means I can go home on the last working day happy and not stressing about the company ready to enjoy what’s important to me, not just at Christmas, but all year round, time with my ever growing FAMILY, the people that keep me sane!! Having lots of fun times with them, from playing the after eight challenge to getting out in the Derbyshire hills walking the dog, partying with friends and then relaxing in front of the fire with a good white wine, recharging the batteries to start again in the New Year back at work and keep growing the companies with the MVIS & Bartco teams.” 

Day 22 – What Christmas Means to Darren

“For me, Christmas is all about family. Spending time with my wife and getting to spoil my precious daughters means the world to me.” 

Day 21 – What Christmas Means to Graeme

“Christmas means to me a time for reflection and rest so I can recharge and take a break from travelling.” 

Day 20 – What Christmas Means to Bec

“Christmas means to me family, laughter, fun, games, food and feeling fat!” 

Day 19 – What Christmas Means to Jacob

“It’s the presents that I look forward to most!” 

Day 17 – What Christmas Means to Tom B

“Christmas means friends, family, lots of drink and of course that cheeky yearly cigar on Christmas Eve!”

Day 16 – What Christmas Means to Matt

“The past few years I’ve spent Christmas looking forward to our cinema trip to go and see the new Star Wars!”

Day 15 – What Christmas Means to Jay

“Spending time with family and friends.”

Day 13 – What Christmas Means to Tillie & Levi the dog

“This is Levi’s first Christmas, and I can’t wait to plate him up a little Christmas dinner of his own.”

Day 12 – What Christmas Means to Mark

“Being with my boys when they open their Christmas presents.”

Day 11 – What Christmas Means to Pip

“Spending time with my little boy  and seeing his face when he opens his  presents from Santa.”

Day 10 – What Christmas Means to Liam

“Getting up at daft O’ Clock to open Santa’s presents  and drinking beer at 7:30am.”

Day 9 – What Christmas Means to Cain

“Christmas to me means spending time with friends and family that I don’t get chance to see through the year.”

Day 8 – What Christmas Means to Tom H

“At Christmas I love to watch all those Christmas DVDs, spend time with my family and over indulge on delicious food!”

Day 7 – What Christmas Means to Jon

“Christmas means waiting up on Christmas Eve with a mince pie and a brandy for Santa!”

Day 5 – What Christmas Means to George

“Christmas is a great chance for me to relax and energise for the year ahead!”

Day 4 – What Christmas Means to Mizzy

“As much as I enjoy the family time, Christmas for me is a time to reflect, refresh and reboot.
I reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.
I refresh by going to the spa which has also become our little family tradition.
I reboot by reviewing my personal/family goals for the upcoming months/year.”

Day 3 – What Christmas Means to Tim

“Spending time with family, eating and drinking  – that’s what Christmas means to me!”

Day 2 – What Christmas Means to Sean

“For me, Christmas has always been about family and fun. I take the opportunity to do things that I don’t usually get time to do with those I care about, such as playing awesome board games or working on fun projects that seem to build up over the year.”

Day 1 – What Christmas Means to Dom

“I like to relax at Christmas and spend time with family. Food, drink and lots of laughs is what Christmas means to me.”