MVIS doubles down on vehicle safety for Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week takes place this year from 18th – 24th November and is organised by road safety charity, Brake. The annual occasion is the biggest road safety awareness event in the UK, with thousands of companies, organisations, educational institutions and wider communities taking part in road safety demonstrations, exciting events and information screenings, all with the focus of raising road safety awareness.

Road Safety Week 2019

During Road Safety Week, the police often take the opportunity to conduct roadside checks of vehicles in order to highlight the importance of keeping your vehicle properly maintained, offering advice to drivers and running speed checks on traffic, with the message that speeding is a major cause of accidents and contributes to more deaths on the road than is acceptable.

Few causes mean as much to MVIS as road safety, being a central foundation for our business. Many of our ITS products are designed specifically with road safety in mind, covering road works, traffic management, speed enforcement and other general road safety concerns. What’s more is that not only does our business surround the importance of road safety, but so do our team’s lives, who are often required to go out into the field on highways up and down the country to conduct maintenance on our units.

MVIS in the field

With this in mind, it is of extreme importance to us that our own company vehicles are maintained properly, and this week marks a perfect prompt to run even more thorough checks on our vehicles than usual. Vehicle safety is an aspect we do not take lightly anyway, even on a normal day, with the company requiring our delivery drivers to perform daily and driver change fleet checks on all vehicles with no exception. However, during Road Safety Week, the MVIS team take this opportunity to do tremendously thorough checks that go above and beyond the already strict requirements.

Ensuring that all vehicle, road safety and first aid equipment is present and in working order, MVIS vehicles are certain to have had checks on their brakes, lights, tires, water, oil and other fluids, all as part of a list of 63 checks that employees must check daily before they can leave our premises.

You can do your part for Road Safety Week yourself in many ways, such as fundraising for or donating to the road safety charity Brake, or by simply doing stringent checks on your vehicles, business or personal.

For more information about Road Safety Week, check out their website.