COVID-19 Tier Gateway Management Solutions

MVIS’ COVID-19 Tier Gateway Management Solutions assist local authorities with managing and communicating their COVID-19 Tier status to drivers and pedestrians travelling over council borders.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

As a tried and tested traffic / crowd control solution, our portable VMS are used by councils, Highways England and many traffic management groups to communicate vital information and safety messages all over the UK.

Featuring a 5-colour LED display for text or pictrograms, the VMS-A and the larger VMS-C are ideal solutions for communicating your area’s COVID-19 policy as visitors travel over council borders.

Versatile and requiring no external power source, our VMS range boasts the highest quality LEDs and are known to be reliable solutions within the industry.

Messages can be updated remotely by your team or ours, via a web-based portal that can publish changes in seconds, allowing you to respond to the situation as it changes.

We boast the largest fleet of portable VMS in the UK and we have experience working on most major schemes and events.

Data Collection

All our VMS units discreetly contain a data collation radar that can be used to collect traffic data such as single file traffic count, speed, time and the date.

This solution offers users a low-cost alternative to many data collection solutions on the market and is ideal to be used as a data source for the analysis of trends. This enables greater intelligence for planning, reporting and identifying areas of risk, allowing for a better allocation of resources.

Collecting traffic data has never been more important and it’s never been easier, with data uploading to our server every hour, ready to be downloaded at any time by the user via a web-based portal.

Solar Powered ANPR

ANPR offers a firm solution to monitor traffic between area borders that have different Tier levels. Often used in enforcement applications with great success, our units are solar powered and portable, allowing for responsive redeployment in areas of the highest concern.

Integrating the industry leading ANPR processor with a state of the art dual camera imaging system, this product can auto-detect vehicles as they pass its field of view.

It may also be linked to an external trigger to enable weigh in motion capture or other applications where certain types of vehicles require identification.

Versatile and operating in all weather and lighting conditions, this solar powered ANPR solution may be configured to read characters in formats issues by all countries.

It operates in darkness through the use of cost-effective pulsed LED illumination that can either be left visible or made covert.

Solar Powered CCTV

Our portable CCTV allows you to have eyes on the ground without having to physically be present. The visible presence of CCTV is well known to influence behaviour and help enforce rules.

When used in conjunction with our VMS, these units create a surveillance and feedback solution that can be used to monitor driver and pedestrian movement between borders without having to be on-site.

Our trailer-mounted CCTV system incorporates Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and the latest video technology, delivering excellent frame rates – even in poor signal areas.

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