It’s Not Just VMS, It’s MVIS VMS.

As a result of our commitment to our clients, we have built a reputation for excellent customer service and expertise. Our expertise is focused on portable VMS and specific ITS solutions rather than diluted among a wide range of products, as some of our competitors are.

We have developed our core products and solutions for use in many different sectors and applications. With over a decade of expertise and innovation, if you need VMS then you need to come to the best in the business. 

The Best VMS

For urban environments and roads with speed limits under 50mph, our VMS-A is the ideal solution that works great for road traffic and pedestrians. For roads with speed limits above 50mph, our VMS-C is the right option. Being our largest VMS display, this unit is great for communicating information to high-speed traffic. With a 5-colour LED display for text or pictrograms, the VMS-A and VMS-C are the best solutions available for getting the message across when it is critical to do so.

We also offer a compact 2-color HD Compact VMS for construction sites and other work areas where space is limited. In addition to recording traffic volume and speed, it displays text, pictograms and animated messages just like the VMS-A and VMS-C. 

Product Integrations

The VMS-A can be integrated with a wide range of technology that increases its functionality. It discreetly contains a data collation radar that can be used to collect traffic data on speed, time and date.  As a low-cost alternative to many data collection solutions on the market, the VMS-A can be used as a data source for the analysis of traffic trends, providing greater intelligence for planning all types of projects.

With our CCTV VMS, you can monitor and respond to situations quickly without having to be physically present on-site by integrating an HD CCTV camera with the VMS-A.

Added Value

We have always placed a high priority on adding value to our service. Although we specialise in portable solar powered ITS solutions, we never lose sight of the fact that we are ultimately a service-based company. We take pride in offering our customers the MVIS ‘Platinum Service Promise’,  with the aim of delivering a ‘Platinum’ level service for a ‘Bronze’ level price. We highlight all the aspects that set us apart from other suppliers in our Quality Service Promise, which emphasises our commitment to a ‘Platinum Level Service’.

When you hire with MVIS, unit monitoring and maintenance are included in the cost along with deployment, advice, consultation and all the other added value that we offer. We even include battery changes, repairs and replacements in the service promise that we offer our customers. With strategically placed depots across the UK, our highly trained team can respond quickly to an issue, whether on site or in our Matlock head office.

With each delivery and project we take on, we confirm our reputation as the best in the industry. With our new pricing, you can get the best VMS and service for the best price. 

That’s why we don’t just offer VMS, we offer MVIS VMS. 

Put our VMS to the test today by getting in touch with our friendly team. They are available to assist you with any enquiries you may have on 01629 58570 or by email at