Improve short term road works projects with SPJTS

At MVIS we are always trying to deliver a service that can truly improve our customers’ work projects. As a result, we devised the solar powered journey time solution (SPJTS), which is an efficient and affordable package that will help to improve any short term road works project.

Our SPJTS brings together both the latest developments in industry software and hardware, which provides its users with an innovative and cost-effective solution to all short term road works. It is portable and solar powered, allowing it to be quickly transported from one location to another, where it can be installed with a minimum of fuss.

It allows users to make informed, reliable decisions as to how they can most effectively avoid journey disruption for road users. It can also help to warn motorists of any delays and give information as to the extent of those delays. In doing this, motorists are given the vital information they need to decide whether it would be best to take an alternative journey route.

The SPJTS incorporates a range of our high-tech messaging equipment, including:

  • Bartco VMS-A
  • Two Vysionics’ SkyHawk integrated ANPR cameras
  • MVIS’ Web Studio sign management software
  • Two of  MVIS’ new Solar 2012 multi-use trailers

The SPJTS maximises effectiveness by mounting the VMS-A system on a multi-use trailer, in advance of a viable exit route for motorists. This is possible due to the ability of the VMS-A to be altered remotely through the cloud server. As a result, road users have the option of staying to travel through the road works or to exit and find another route to their destination.

If you would like to contact us about our SPJTS, then please email us through our contact page or call us on 01629 580 570.