Tom Hooton: Warehouse & Manufacturing Supervisor

Tom is one of MVIS’ longest serving members of staff and we are pleased to have watched him move up and up since day one.

How long have you been with MVIS?:
I started at MVIS on 6th of January 2013 as a delivery and maintenance operative. I then got promoted to technical support after six months. This year I was promoted again to warehouse and manufacturing supervisor.

Job role:
I control the work in the warehouse, making sure all the jobs get done on time and are built and checked correctly.

I have one apprentice – George Sheldon  – who is doing really well. I also work in partner with the three delivery maintenance guys Mark Ashbee, Darren Slater and Tim Hill.

Recent projects:
I am involved in nearly every project and I try to involve my whole team as well so they are constantly learning. The most recent projects have been the M6 J22 CCTV, MTS upgrades and soon to come on the 26 x VMSC for the A14.

How did you get into the industry:
I have always worked in the electrical industry as I started as an apprentice myself, and when the job came up at MVIS I jumped at the chance to work for such a good and interesting company.

Most fulfilling part of your role:
The most fulfilling part of my role is seeing the final product at the end of a build because it makes the hard work and time put into it worthwhile. I find it very satisfying to see something I have built around the country.

More about me:
I am a very happy, outgoing person and love to spend time with my friends and family. I love playing rugby for my local team Matlock and I also spend a lot of time travelling to England and Leicester Tigers’ matches.

I have recently taken up running with my boss Anne Ashman to raise money for the charity Sands, as it is a charity very close to my heart. We are running 10 x 10k runs in 10 months and I am finding it very enjoyable and rewarding.