Are your wicket signs compliant with the new Department for Transport regulations?

You may have heard that the Department for Transport is changing the approved size for wicket sign screens where signs haven’t been located in the central reserve, also known as Fixed Taper Points (FTP), Remote Controlled Temporary Traffic Management signs (RCTTM) and Remotely Operated Temporary Traffic Management signs (ROTTM). If you have signs installed that don’t meet these new regulations they will need to be changed or Police operated rolling road blocks put in place to deploy traffic management, which can become problematic on schemes where this is a regular requirement.

Our UK manufactured five colour VMS-C meets all of the requirements set out in drawing number GT50/198/0015-1 that the Secretary of State approved on the 10th March 2016. This allows our VMS-C to be used as a replacement for FTP signs, also known as RCTTM and ROTTM signs on Smart Motorway schemes until the fixed permanent signs are fully operational. This will enable the motorways to return to All Lanes Running (ALR) without the requirement for Police operated rolling roadblocks to be used to deploy Traffic Management.

Our VMS can be controlled remotely from any internet connected PC with a web browser via MVIS’ Web Studio or Wi-Fi enabled Apple device using Bartco Curbsite Lite. All of the required approved legends are already programmed in to the system making the setting of the signs a simple process. If sufficient notice is given we can preset the messages for you, enabling you to activate and de-activate all five signs in a Fixed Taper Sign group with just six clicks of your mouse.

Individual user accounts can be set up for any number of operators, each with their own log in so a full audit trail of which messages were activated, when and who by can be recorded. We can also set access rights to: only allow them to activate the approved legends; be able to make their own legends if the signs are to be used for other purposes; or allow them viewing access only for monitoring purposes.

And with 22 depots throughout the UK and high levels of VMS in stock you can trust us to deliver.

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