VMS from intelligent transport system provider (ITS) MVIS

As a market leading supplier of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, MVIS has a range of products which are effective for traffic management, events management and advertising purposes. This range includes variable message signs (VMS) which provide high-impact coloured displays.

VMS from MVIS feature a five colour matrix and give the user the choice of using red, green,  blue and white in addition to the standard amber. This makes them a highly conspicuous piece of signage which stands out and attracts attention, even in crowd situations.

The versatility of the VMS makes them a high valuable asset in a variety of situations, including for traffic management purposes.  As the signs can present Chapter 8/ MS4 style pictograms as well as text, they become a fantastic intelligent transport system (ITS) solution. MVIS has seen that often coloured images, such as the pictograms, are very quickly interpreted by motorists and the information displayed is rapidly acted upon – even by foreign drivers who are not always able to understand text. MVIS recently supplied VMS to A-One+ for using during their refurbishment of the A1 and they recorded a zero shunt rate during the works, compared with the several incidents that took place when they used static signs for a similar project.

The ability of the VMS to display pictograms alongside text also makes them an excellent events management tool. With the five colour matrix display making the signs conspicuous and visible, the VMS are an effective way to provide information to large crowds of people.  Using the displays, events organisers can direct crowds effectively around event sites – and the changeable display means information can be updated regularly. Recently, MVIS’ VMS were used by Wembley Stadium to control crowds for the England football internationals against Germany and Chile.

VMS are also an adept tool for advertising purposes. As they can be remotely updated, by SMS or via the internet, they reduce the need for a full team being dedicated to their use as as an advertising tool. This reduction in man power makes them a more cost-effective advertising solution than other methods. For advertising, the ability of the VMS to display the Chapter 8/ MS4 style pictograms is crucial as the high impact display facilitates high customer response and the pictograms will draw in foreign customers unable to read text advertising. VMS have previously been supplied to the Bakewell Show who used them to great advertising effect, boosting significantly the amount of visitors who used the onsite park and ride.

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