VMS could be key to ensuring social safety with queue management solutions

Social distancing and safety – where are we heading? We know things cannot simply just ‘go back to normal’ but at some point, we really want our normality back.

As the world continues to develop and mould best practice beyond the impact of Covid-19, social and public safety now comes to the fore perhaps more than it ever has before.

As we evolve with COVID-19 in our lives, our use of technology evolves with it, offering new and helpful ways to not only combat the virus, but also offering new ways we can live with it.

When we change our lives to accommodate the situation, how do we continue to keep people safe?

MVIS: Utilising VMS

As has been seen at major events across the UK, variable message signs can play a significant role in enhancing public safety. From crowd control information to vital emergency messages, rapid delivery of key information enhances the ability to spread the word.

MVIS have been working hard with a wide range of industries, including the retail sector, to develop new products using their technology in order to help with the effort, establishing ground-breaking solutions for problems that didn’t exist in such scale only a few months ago.

MVIS’ VMS units ease of deployment, coupled with the rapid ability to programme and change messages can greatly aid important information delivered publicly, and as a result, increase public awareness and safety.

MVIS has provided units for the London 2012 Olympics to name just one of many other events that involved densely populated areas and arenas.

As protocols develop following the impact of Covid-19, MVIS’ VMS solutions have a number of safety boosting applications.

Testing Centres: VMS Information System for Traffic Queue Control, Information and Data Collection

The MVIS Testing Centre Queue Management Solution has been developed to assist with managing and marshalling an increased level of traffic at the UK’s COVID-19 Testing Centres.

Key Benefits of the system include:

  • Providing estimated wait times – already proven in traffic management and the events industry
  • Reduce the need for as many physically present marshals, keeping people safer
  • Direct public, visitors and staff clearly and easily using tried and tested traffic management solutions
  • Products are solar powered and easy to update remotely via a web-based platform
  • 24/7 support available to assist with placement, deployment and VMS message screen content
Marshalling & Traffic Queue Control

Variable Message Signs (VMS) can be strategically deployed to marshal queuing traffic management requirements.

MVIS units provide the ability to update estimated wait times remotely via phone or PC application in a matter of seconds, enabling prime responsiveness to peaks in demand.

Using VMS to display estimated wait times for queues is a tried and tested calming measure on the road network, at events and in the hospitality industry. The reduction of human to human interface is key in boosting public safety for the foreseeable future.

Data Collection: Inform future operations, help with planning, and highlight areas of risk.

Using the discreetly integrated data collection radar, you can use MVIS VMS units to collect and report on trends regarding:

  • Speed
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Levels of traffic

Data uploads to MVIS servers every hour and can be downloaded by users at any time.


Outside your vehicle: VMS Information System for Queue Management & Crowd Control

The MVIS Social Distancing Queue Management Solution has been developed in response to COVID-19 and the social distancing measures that have had to be taken by the UK.

Whilst developed with the struggles the retail industry is facing in mind, this solution can be applied to anywhere
there may be need for queues under emergency or social distancing conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Providing estimated wait times – already proven in traffic management and the events industry
  • Communicate important information to customers fast and remotely in unprecedented times
  • 24/7 support available to assist with placement, deployment and VMS message screen content
The question: How?
Indoors: HD Compact Variable Message Signs

Highly portable HD Compact VMS are strategically deployed alongside the queue to inform customers of estimated queue wait times and the store’s social distancing policy.

Outdoors: VMS-A

The solar powered VMS-A is placed near the car park or the car park entrance, alerting drivers and customers of new opening times and other important information.

Alert waiting customers when it is their turn to avoid issues with click & collect systems.

We spoke with Anne Ashman, MVIS General Manager about these solutions that can provide key boosts to public safety.

Anne told us:

“We’ve developed a number of solutions that can be deployed and implemented both in and outdoors, across a number of sectors and environments to benefit both vehicle users and individuals outside of vehicles.

“Certainly, for the foreseeable future, social distancing safety protocols are going nowhere, and we must all be extremely vigilant and thorough. The more detailed information delivered within society without the requirement for human interaction can only be of benefit to public health.”