Taking some of the pressure off the NHS

There’s no denying that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS especially have been under a strain that no one could have anticipated.

Forcing many NHS sites to reallocate resources, change departments and even section off areas due to COVID, it is a time of major upheaval for the whole organisation. With upheaval in a service-based sector such as healthcare, there often comes the need for clear and concise messaging, demanding resources be stretched across the new requirements as well as informing patients and visitors of the new way of doing things.

 At a time when such resources are already stretched as well as when the COVID guidelines are subject to change so frequently, it is more important than ever that the NHS is properly supported with the tools needed to communicate these changes.

This is where MVIS can assist.

We offer a range of variable message signs that are ideal for this purpose, bringing a range of benefits to users that allow them to communicate the most important information to people in a clear and unmissable way.

As a result, our signs, traditionally used for road works, construction, large events and other applications, have seen a demand during the COVID pandemic that has been felt across many new businesses, stores, GP surgeries and hospitals.

One hospital we were happy to help was Whitworth Hospital, located in the town of our business HQ, Matlock. Being local to our offices, many of our team live in Matlock and have, in the past, required the use of Whitworth Hospital for treatment themselves.

After using the sign for a number of weeks, Susan White, Manager and Senior Emergency Nurse Practitioner commented, “The [sign] is clearly displayed to folks who are accessing the Whitworth via the front entrance. This gives people the information needed to make an informed choice about whether to access medical assessment via the 111 service or to self-present to UTC.”

Susan adds, “It also helps to reinforce to the public that A&E (Emergency Departments) is usually NOT the most appropriate place to attend with a minor injury or minor illness.”

The sign served an important function for Whitworth Hospital, bringing the advantage of clear messaging to their site at a time they needed it most, helping them control infection rates and reduce demand on their team. The benefit this brought will be felt not only to them, but also by the wider community.

Anne Ashman, Commercial and Operations Director at MVIS notes, “We always appreciate helping out our local community. MVIS have always tried to help out the local area at times of need, and during a pandemic is certainly a time of need. It’s brilliant that our HD Compact has brought benefit to Whitworth Hospital and we look forward to the opportunity of working with them again.”

For more information about how our signs can help other NHS sites, please contact us via our contact form.

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