MVIS’ Safelane Technology

In 2015, Highways England recorded more than 40 cases of drivers deliberately ignoring road closure signs on the A13 alone.

These figures were recorded by road workers working on a section of the A13 near Thurrock, in Essex, which was being widened to reduce congestion and improve safety. The project, which is estimated to be completed in autumn 2016, will see the A13 on the approach to junction 30 widened to four lanes in each direction, with new dedicated link roads between the M25 and A13. The work is an ongoing process, and has seen a number of work zone incursions from the start.

During 2015, a range of vehicles were seen unlawfully entering the worksite, and some drivers ignored carriageway closures. In June 2015, a road worker’s work vehicle was struck and damaged by an object thrown by the motorist of a moving vehicle.

Lizzie Pauling, project manager for Highways England says: “Safety is Highways England’s top priority. We are concerned by a number of drivers choosing to ignore road closures, putting their safety and the safety of others at risk. The improvements to the A13 and M25 will improve safety and reduce congestion for the tens of thousands of drivers who use this section each day.”

To assist in events like this, MVIS provides an innovative solution to help road workers stay safe. The Safelane Integrated Solution sees Intellicone-enabled Smart VMS positioned at road closure points, surrounded by intelligent cone barriers and contactless sensors to detect breaches. If a breach does occur, the sensors send a message to the VMS which warns the driver they are in a prohibited area, and instructs them to turn around. Simultaneously, the gatepeople at checkpoint locations are alerted by an audible alarm, giving them time to take appropriate action and retreat to a safe place. They are also supplied with a manual panic alarm to alert the workforce if a driver is to continue beyond the checkpoint. This system can incorporate CCTV if necessary and is proven to reduce the resources required to safely carry out road closures and minimise confrontations with disgruntled drivers.

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