A Bright New Future for VMS & ITS Market Leaders Bartco and MVIS 

We are delighted to announce that Quadrant Management has acquired both Bartco Australia & MVIS Ltd, global leading suppliers of portable variable message signs and other intelligent transport systems. 

Quadrant Management is a US-based private equity investor. Owning a range of businesses across the world, including multiple manufacturing companies, it now adds Bartco AU & MVIS Ltd to its portfolio of businesses. 

The acquisition follows the sale of shares by MVIS Ltd and Bartco AU’s former directors Troy Wollard and Dave Musgrave to Quadrant Management, whilst Pat Musgrave will remain a shareholder of the group.  

Pat is the current Managing Director of the UK companies and will take on the role of Group CEO with the focus on expanding the company’s global footprint. Key MVIS Ltd personnel such as UK Group Commercial and Operations Director Anne Ashman, Sales Director Graeme Lee, and Bartco AU CEO Anthony Arandt and Group FC Andrew Cahill will continue in their roles. David Chamberlain becomes Group R&D manager working closely with technical teams in both MVIS Ltd & Bartco AU. 

The acquisition enables Quadrant to grow its portfolio of product manufacturers and specialist service providers at a time when the governments worldwide are investing strategically in transportation infrastructure. 


For MVIS Ltd & Bartco AU, becoming part of the wider Quadrant group brings a host of exciting benefits. The acquisition provides opportunities for collaboration and innovation across a range of industries as well as increase capability in Research & Development to further bring innovation.  

After over a decade of driving innovation including being the first to introduce colour VMS signs, the acquisition marks an exciting new chapter and provides the perfect platform to further propel the companies to even greater heights. 

Ted Deinard of Quadrant Management said: To acquire such a key player in the portable VMS & ITS market is a great honour for us. With Bartco AU & MVIS’ knowledge, products, and high level of customer service we feel that we can build on these strong foundations and support them to reach even greater heights.” 


Pat Musgrave commented: 


This acquisition brings a lot of excitement, positivity and new energy to the team.  We look forward to working closely with supporters and collaborators across the world including through other Quadrant companies, which will further upskill our team, and in-turn further deliver on our Platinum Level Service promise. 


“This begins a new exciting era, and one that comes underpinned by alignment of the values and ethos that has positioned MVIS Ltd and Bartco AU where they are today.”