MVIS Welcomes New Accounts Officer

As a small team, we always find new employees to be a very welcome addition to our group. Finding the right person for the job is a crucial task not just in terms of skill level but also their approach to work, making talent ID an often long and difficult task for us.

The effort is worth it however, with MVIS building a fantastic team over the years as the company has matured, resulting in a workforce that has grown with the company in more ways than just in numbers.

MVIS are proud to welcome Chris Steel to the team as Accounts Officer, coming to us in July 2020, right in the heart of the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite starting MVIS under most unusual circumstance, Chris hit the ground running, bringing with him 5 years of accounting experience along with a driven and independent attitude.

It’s this attitude that MVIS believes brings the true ‘X-factor’ in our team. Years of experience and skills is only as useful as how driven the employee is. With this in mind, we take extra care in our recruitment process to ensure that prospective new staff members have that ‘X-factor’, irrespective of their skill set. This ensures that no one just ‘walks’ into our company based on experience alone, which would be an easier but riskier approach to recruitment – one that many businesses opt for in the name of simplicity.

Whilst Chris is joining us at an unusual time in the world, it is quite an exciting time for the company. Chris joins us at a time of marked expansion – a time that we are looking to new horizons to maintain the incredible growth we have seen to date. As Accounts Officer, Chris oversees the accounts operations of the company, managing the day to day posting of the accounts, updating purchase and sales invoices, processing and submitting VAT returns and managing all banking operations.

Anne Ashman, Commercial and Operations Director at MVIS comments “We take recruitment very seriously and don’t let just anyone into our business. After a rather unconventional recruitment process due to COVID-19, Chris stepped up to the plate. He performed exceptionally in the interview and was the best applicant for this role. We are proud to welcome Chris to the team and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve with the great team we are growing here at MVIS.”