Looking after mental well-being during the 2nd Lockdown

At the start of November 2020, England entered into its 2nd national lockdown this year in response to COVID-19. Presenting issues for workplaces all over the country, one of the big issues for employers is keeping morale up at a very difficult time for everyone.

MVIS and Bartco UK continue to prioritise our team’s mental health through the implementation of a number of initiatives that we have continued to adhere to throughout the pandemic, meaning that when the 2nd lockdown was called, we were ready with our existing initiatives and lockdown procedures.

Since ‘working from home’ was mandated earlier in the year, the office staff at MVIS and Bartco UK have all had a daily morning briefing over Teams, discussing the day’s goals and allowing us to remain responsive to the situation as it changes – an important strategy under the current circumstances where the news is changing rapidly.

One of the lockdown procedures we have in place is our employee ‘COVID-19 care packages’, delivered right to staff member’s doors. Packages contain soap, tea bags, hand sanitizer, tissues and even a few goodies in there to help keep spirits up.

care packs

With Christmas right around the corner we are also well under way planning a virtual Christmas party for us that promises to be a fantastic festive break from all the doom and gloom that 2020 has brought.

We continue to prioritise our staff’s well-being throughout this time and will be monitoring things closely over the next lockdown with continual feedback and improvement regarding our policies.

One of the aspects we are currently examining is our approach to working times, in the hope that we can allow members of the team to enjoy more time outside during the day in winter, promoting the natural production of Vitamin D, which is widely reported to serve as a vital ingredient in our body’s response to the virus.

We will remain flexible in our approach to work in general throughout this, staying in touch and responsive to the situation so we don’t let our team down at this most critical time.