COVID-19 High Street Social Distancing Solution

MVIS are proud to announce our latest solution ideal for helping densely populated spaces (such as high streets) cope better with social distancing and traffic management under COVID-19 conditions.

The high street can get busy very quickly, so it pays to be prepared.

Key Features

  • HD Compact: 28 x 28 matrix with 20mm pixel pitch, 560mm x 560mm display size
  • VMS A: 48 x 28 matrix with 28mm pixel pitch, 1344mm x 784mm display size
  • Ideal for text or pictograms
  • Low cost alternative to many data collection solutions
  • Solar powered, portable and easy to update remotely via a web based platform
  • 24/7 support, assisting you with placement, deployment and content for the VMS

HD Compact Variable Message Signs

Our HD Compact VMS offers users a solar powered variable message sign (VMS) with a very small footprint, making it ideal for environments that lack space.

This unit’s light weight and adjustable height makes it highly portable and versatile, especially considering the content can be updated remotely via our web-based portal or mobile app.


With a dual colour display (red & white), this unit is perfect for communicating safety information, instructions and closures with text or pictograms that can inform pedestrians and drivers.

This robust sign also boasts a solid design; with hidden cabling, the unit is secured against vandalism or accidental damage and benefits from the traffic data collection radar integrated in all our signs.


Like the HD Compact, the VMS-A offers users a solar powered, portable variable message sign that features many of the same key benefits.

Instead of a 2-colour display, the VMS A boasts a larger 5-colour display that can feature more complex messages but necessitates a slightly larger footprint than the HD Compact.

Ideally deployed for the closure of roads to allow staggered footfall, or to warn oncoming drivers of important alerts, the VMS A’s effect is compounded when used in conjunction with the HD Compact, ensuring visitors to the high street are informed every step of the way.


Key Features

  • Non-glare, UV resistant polycarbonate screen
  • Security features – GPS tracked and padlock covers
  • Highest quality LEDs
  • Solar powered / environmentally friendly


HD Compact VMS
  • Compact 680 x 780mm sign case
  • Red and white LEDs for text and pictograms
  • 28 x 28 matrix with a 20mm pixel pitch
  • Mounted on a portable solar power box

Technical Specifications

VMS-A Trailer

Overall length: 2420mm (1620mm with towing tongue removed)
Width (travel position): 1620mm – 1595mm
Width (operating position): 1620mm
Height (travel position): 2045mm
Height (max operating position): 3200mm
Weight: 580kg
Coupling: 40mm towing eye / quick release, 50mm ball


Display Type: LED full matrix Display Size: 1610mm x 1040mm
Communication: SMS, web-based, serial and App
Matrix: 48 x 28
Screen: Non-glare, UV resistant polycarbonate
Brightness Control: Automatic or manual


Voltage: 12V
Solar Panels: 2 x solar panels
Operation on batteries / solar: Indefinite under recommended conditions