Spotlight: HD Compact VMS V.2

Back in June last year, MVIS and Bartco UK were proud to announce the latest version of our revolutionary HD Compact VMS.

V.2 of this unit marked a development on an already ground-breaking advancement in the VMS market.

V.1 of the HD Compact was the first of its kind, offering a light-weight, portable variable message sign designed for use within work zones to improve safety and communicate information. Featuring a dual colour (red and white) display, this VMS can be updated remotely via our web-based portal or mobile app and boasts up to a 4-week run time.

V.2 builds on everything that makes the V.1 brilliant, offering added developments that usher in new and exciting uses of the HD Compact unit. One of the biggest developments to have been seen is the use of solar power, offering highly extended maintenance free run-time and representing a significant upgrade on the V.1.

Another development in the V.2 is the addition of adjustable height for its display, allowing for greater customisation for the application it is being used for. It also features a new casing design that hides all cabling, making it more secure against vandalism or accidental damage.

The new version of this unit also still benefits from the data collection radar integrated in all our signs. This makes our VMS a low-cost alternative to many data collection solutions on the market, offering a data source for the analysis of traffic trends and enabling greater intelligence for planning projects of all kinds.

These developments bring the HD Compact in line with our other solar powered signs, allowing us to offer a fully solar powered VMS range in different sizes.

Along with the V.2 of our HD Compact, we have also been working on a new trailer which allows us to be more efficient in deploying these units, transporting up to 6 in one journey.

Developed with Edwards Trailers, this trailer moves us closer to our Corporate Social Responsibility goal for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly delivery model. It also offers our drivers a more efficient and safer delivery tool, helping to cut down on journeys in a post-COVID-19 world.

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