Why Hire the HD Quattro?

As part of MVIS’ variable message signs (VMS) portfolio, the HD Quattro may be our most compact, but it is by no means complacent when it comes to performance.

With a range of uses, this small but mighty piece of traffic management equipment is available to hire directly from MVIS and can be used within a range of environments. Take a look at the type of projects our clients have used the HD Quattro for here.


If you need to communicate a number of safety messages quickly and efficiently, then the HD Quattro is a great choice.

One MVIS customer hired the HD Quattro to place within a busy depot to help communicate important safety procedures to staff. This helped to remind the workforce of the correct conduct and made sure they were compliant with safety standards. 

Speed Awareness

If your work site requires drivers to operate at a strict speed limit, then the HD Quattro can relay this information instantly to help keep your staff compliant.

In addition, the HD Quattro can be integrated to display speed activated messages, so if a driver does go over the agreed speed limit, the screen will display a warning sign and instruct them to slow down.

As the HD Quattro’s LED screen also supports the use of pictograms, you can also display commonly used road signs which are easily understood by workforces.

Crowd Control

For occasions with high levels of heavy footfall and traffic, it is important that walkways and roads are both clearly marked, and that the information for both is clearly marked and well communicated.

MVIS works with many event management companies, and for events such as festivals or large sports matches, the HD Quattro has been used previously to help display important information such as car park capacity, queue times and locations of places such as ticket offices, lost property and first aid tents.

As these compact units can be used in conjunction with our innovative Web Studio™, you can instantly change the displayed message via any Wi-Fi enabled Apple device including a laptop, iPhone or iPad. This means that should a car park suddenly become full, or a gate closes, you can change the messages displayed on the LED screen to keep the audience up-to-date.


For road work zones – especially on tight country lanes where space is limited – the HD Quattro has proven to be a big hit with MVIS customers.

Doing everything that the larger VMSA and VMSC do but in a much smaller space, the HD Quattro is perfect for spaces where a trailer-mounted unit just won’t fit.

If you would like to hire the HD Quattro for your next project, please call 01629 580 570 or email to find out more.