Helping the Community Reopen After November Flooding

It’s not like MVIS to shy away from a chance to help the community, so when a local crisis occurs, it seems only natural that we would get in touch to see if we can help. One such crisis took place in early November that saw large areas within Derbyshire and South Yorkshire drastically flooded, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to businesses all over the area.

Amongst the worst hit were some businesses close to MVIS and Bartco UK, such as The Tipsy Toad in Matlock and some, such as Toy Stories in Matlock simply stole our hearts with a tale of such unfortunate luck we felt it was only right to do what we could to help.

Earlier in the week, we published a post that covered our recent initiative to help Freya King and her store, Toy Stories.

However, we didn’t stop there. Indeed, in a response to the floods, MVIS have jumped to the aid of a number of businesses that need to inform local customers, road users and passers-by when they will be reopening. Putting our products to good use, MVIS donated signs to these businesses to offer an effective way of broadcasting their reopening to ensure that the local community are kept fully up to date so the businesses can resume trade as soon as possible.

The Hurt Arms in Belper put a donated VMS-A to fantastic use on the corner of their car park, in full view of the road so road users can see what date they are reopening.

Likewise, just outside their establishment, The Tipsy Toad deployed one of our HD Compact units featuring a countdown that is updated daily to the exciting day that they reopen.

Being positioned on such a main road, every road user who passes this sign are kept informed of when The Tipsy Toad will reopen, bringing hype and excitement to the community who eagerly await the reopening of one of their best loved bars.

In times of crisis, MVIS are happy to muck in with the community, doing what we can to help these businesses get back on their feet. The benefits of our products make these ideal signs to use in such a crisis, offering a bright, low power consuming LED display that is reliable under all conditions.

Of course, the giving this season doesn’t end with this – MVIS and Bartco UK still have a few things on the go this Christmas, so make sure you check back on our website to keep up to date with all the latest news.