Expansion sees a new depot opened in the North East

MVIS sees tangible growth in 2019 as their North East depot opens its doors for the first time.

June has seen Newcastle house the new depot and enable MVIS a number of benefits moving forward.

Firstly, the company will be able to house and hold more products with the second depot’s ability to store constructed VMS units. Therefore, more VMS units will be built for the hire fleet and more beavertails are ordered to aid delivery, and the environment as multiple units can be transported on each driven journey.

Strategically located, the depot location will enable MVIS to service these clients across the north of England, as well as Scotland with greater efficiency in regard to deployment, servicing and repair.

July 19th will see the doors opened, and MVIS will be inviting visitors, suppliers and clients to an open day to tour the facility and see the capability added with this expansion.

Anne Ashman, MVIS General Manager spoke to us about the depot and the need to expand:

“Every business is looking to grow- that’s a bit of an obvious statement – but for us to need to expand to carry on servicing the clients we have to the level they have become accustomed to is great.

“Both MVIS are growing, and as more people discover what we can deliver for them and the level of service we deliver it with, the demand for our products and service goes up.

“With this expansion, we are reacting to that demand and showcasing that we will ensure the delivery of the same high-quality service we’re known for- by investing in the expansion for the benefit of our clients.

“It means we can put down roots in more areas of the UK and operate from more than one strategic location when it comes to servicing clients. The Newcastle depot is in the perfect spot to service the north of England, as well as Scotland- a growing market for us.

“Additionally, we’re continuing to raise awareness internally with staff about environmental issues, as well as continue to expand upon their product knowledge as we introduce new units.”

Exciting times for MVIS and Bartco UK, which could beg the question…where next?!