Diversify Your Advertising with Colour Mobile VMS

 With the colour mobile VMS (variable message signs) systems on offer at MVIS, you can effectively advertise your product or brand.

Our VMS systems are great for grabbing the attention of your audience. This is due to their five colour matrix, which includes red, green, blue, white and yellow. With this array of colours at your disposal, you can convey your brand or product message in a vibrant and eye-catching manner that will leave a lasting impression upon them.

Another great benefit of our colour mobile VMS is that it is ideal for situations where you may need to change, update or alter your message over the course of an event. Using the easy to operate software, you can operate the VMS either onsite or remotely. With this helpful feature, you can change the sign rapidly to respond to offers and information updates in real time.

Because the VMS systems are mobile, they can be moved to a location and be fully operational in no time at all. This speed and efficiency means you will rarely miss out on an advertising or sponsorship opportunity.

Different Uses

  • With the sheer size and multicolour displays of our signs, you can draw significant attention to all kinds of products.
  • If you’ve got a special discount or deal to promote, our VMS signs can be updated quickly and easily to change the message as soon as the offer expires.
  • Due to their portable nature, our colour signs can be moved to a variety of different locations, whether it’s a music arena, football stadium or outdoor festival, allowing you to advertise ticket sales in a variety of locations.
  • With the large, colourful signage available on our VMS systems, you cannot fail capture the attention of a wide audience and really put your brand on display.

If you would like to find out more about our colour mobile VMS systems, you can contact us on 01629 580 57.