Communicate using colours and pictures to keep roads safe

At MVIS we focus on providing temporary intelligent transport systems to get motorists from A to B as quickly and safely as possible and protect road workers and members of the emergency services.

The VMS we supply offer a 5 colour matrix that includes red, green, blue and white in addition to standard amber for unparalleled visual impact. They also have the functionality to display Chapter 8/MS4 pictograms to convey information effectively without using words which is particularly useful for foreign drivers.

Our bright, eye-catching displays are proven to grab the motorist’s attention and make clear the course of action they should take, reducing the emotional and financial costs associated with congestion and road traffic accidents.

Easy to operate and update (using Windows based software either onsite or remotely) VMS are portable and highly adaptable and we use the latest display technology to ensure our solar-powered, low energy LED signs remain effective and reliable in all conditions.

Key benefits:

•    Wide range of colours and pictograms gives strong visual impact and improves motorist response
•    Information can be updated instantaneously to reflect the changing traffic situation
•    Signs are mobile so offer huge flexibility  for example for evolving road works where signs need to be regularly repositioned
•    National coverage means we can respond to urgent situations quickly
•    Range of sizes available
•    All signs conform to Traffic Signs Regulations (TSRGD)

We work closely with all our customers to ensure we provide the best solution for their circumstances. Contact us on 01629 580 570 to discuss yours.