Cross Departmental Training Succeeds Again

Towards the end of May this year, we published a post highlighting one of our training policies that has seen a lot of success in recent months.

We mentioned in May:

“Over the years, MVIS and Bartco UK have always prioritised training and staff development. We do this for a number of a reasons, least of not which is to ensure our team’s ability to do their job is second to none, leaving us with the best trained workforce in the industry.

Part of this is our policy to provide staff with cross-departmental training in the form of a ‘day in the life’ of other team members to make sure that each employee appreciates that everyone is valuable. Such a policy also allows the team to have an insight into just what it takes to make things happen in other departments, and the role their part plays in relation to other people’s jobs.”

Since then, we have had a number of team members go through this training so that staff from all departments have a strong insight into the inner workings of other departments.

This method of training has been a proven success for us in the past and is often used for employees who have just started with us. This has the added benefit of giving these team members a deeper insight into the whole organisation and the way we work rather than just their own department.

However, over the past 18 months, there have been some significant changes to the way we all work due to COVID, requiring us to take another look at everyone’s training and understanding of each other’s roles so that the team can gain an appreciation for the new ways we have all had to change.

This time for the training it was the Bartco UK team, who are split between the workshop staff and the office staff, both having seen huge changes to the way they work during the pandemic, calling for a renewed understanding of each other’s roles.

Tim Hill, Workshop Supervisor for Bartco UK commented, “In the workshop, we have seen huge changes to the way we do our jobs during COVID, and now I fully appreciate just how much everyone else’s jobs have had to change. It’s been great not just for me, but for the whole workshop team to see how things are done in different departments and how everyone’s roles work together to keep things running smoothly.”

Pip Wood, Purchasing and Stock Control for Bartco UK added, “Swapping roles with the workshop department was highly insightful, learning where the stock items I pick are placed and used in our trailers as really heightened my knowledge. I appreciate what they do as a job more and I feel that this was a great team-building exercise, making our relationship at work even stronger.”