World-first Solution Promotes Safety Of Construction Personnel And Road Users

MVIS is an industry leader in the delivery of innovative portable intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions for hire, and since our launch in 2012, we have worked in partnership with major construction firms to help ensure that they operate safely.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just launched the first temporary ITS solution to combine modular electronic perimeters and variable message signs (VMS) to promote the safety of construction personnel and road users around the exit points of roadside work zones.

The high impact Works Egress Safety Solution targets both highways and work zone traffic and as such, presents a superior alternative to the standard fixed-plate signs used to communicate with highways traffic only.

We launched the product in anticipation of the likely increase in the work zone speed limit, which has the potential to raise the risk of accidents as works vehicles approach and join the carriageway more quickly.

A pair of sensors are located at the beginning of the acceleration zone within the works area. They connect to a HD Compact VMS deployed within the zone, and, when triggered by an approaching works vehicle, the VMS message changes from “wait here” to “merge when safe”.

The sensors also connect to a roadside, traffic-facing VMS-A, and warns highways road users of the imminent arrival of a works vehicle joining the carriageway. After a set time the HD Compact VMS reverts to its “Works Egress Wait Here” message and the VMS-A goes blank, allowing traffic to flow freely when there is no works vehicle present, keeping traffic moving for longer. In the event of an emergency, the VMS “works traffic merging” message can be overridden with an alternative message.

All messages may be tailored to the precise requirements of the site, and every message activation is recorded and may be reviewed for audit purposes. The product was developed and manufactured by our sister company Bartco UK.

For more information on how our new Works Egress Safety Solution can help you to promote work zone safety, please get in touch with the team at MVIS on 01629 580 570 or email