VMS: An effective advertising solution

As a leading supplier of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, MVIS has within its portfolio a range of variable message signs (VMS). These VMS, as well as being effective for traffic management use, also provide an innovative and cost-effective solution for advertising and brand reinforcement.

Our range of VMS feature a five colour matrix which gives the user the option of displaying messages in red, green, blue and white as well as in the standard amber. This feature is coupled with the VMS’ ability to display Chapter 8/ MS4 style pictograms in addition to text. These features allow the VMS to be used to display company logos – a highly visible method of brand reinforcement and advertising. MVIS has previously supplied a VMS solution to a Renault garage, who used it to display their logo and advertise their presence.

VMS can be remotely updated, either by SMS or using an internet connection. This high level of accessibility allows the user to display information and then, if needed,  change the message quickly and easily. As a result, VMS are an ideal way to advertise ticket sales or offers at events such as festivals, sporting fixtures and country shows. The conspicuous five colour display is highly visible, even in crowd situations, and the remote access facility means details of tickets or offers can be adjusted rapidly.

Recently two VMS-C solutions, provided by MVIS, were used as part of ticket sales efforts taking place for the England international football friendlies against Chile and Germany at Wembley. VMS solutions, supplied by MVIS, have also been used at the Bakewell Show to help advertise the park and ride services.

To ensure that MVIS’ VMS provide as flexible a service as possible, some models can also be fitted onto our Solar 2012 Multi-Use Trailer Platform. This allows VMS to be moved from location to location, so that if your requirements alter the VMS will still be an effective advertising solution.

All our VMS are available for rapid deployment, as they are stored at 14 nationwide depots.

To discuss VMS or any of MVIS’ intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, contact us on 01629 580 570.