Clair Tranter

I started my career with MVIS in February 2022 having previously worked in the parking industry for 21 years and started off as a Parking Attendant in the West Midlands. I am very knowledgeable in parking legislations covering 1988, 1991 and the Traffic Management Act 2004. I worked my way up through the sector assisting with local councils across the UK in the takeover of the Civil Enforcement from the police. I worked my way up to a Learning and Development Officer with a Level 4 Diploma in Teaching. In this role, I was responsible for creating and teaching accredited courses throughout the sector in ILM Management, City and Guilds Conflict, CCTV and Parking Enforcement. This would involve travelling all over the UK to different sectors including Rail, Airports, Local Councils to deliver these courses. As you can imagine with this extensive knowledge it is very rare that I receive a parking ticket and people ask me to help them with appeals if they have received a parking ticket. I felt that with this background it would be a good transfer of skills to work for MVIS with regards to highways and geography around the UK. I have recently passed my level 2 Counselling Skills course as I love to learn new skills and keep myself up to date with new ways of achieving the skills I already have. I am now looking forward to learning about my new role/adventure at MVIS.

I love to travel and now I am working my way around the world as I want to see as many countries as I can. Unfortunately, Covid put a pause on this so last year my partner and I rescued a dog (Teddy) and bought a camper van to continue our travels around the UK. My family and friends are a big part of my life and spending time with them is extremely important to me.

I am a very confident, approachable, outgoing person who loves life. I am part of the LGBTQ+ community and I love my chosen family. I always try to visit and support LGBTQ+ venues and Prides when travelling.

April Flaherty

Starting with the company at the beginning of June 2023, I was ready to continue my journey in Customer Relations. I am happy to say that I bring years of experience to the team at MVIS and I am ready to make this a safe environment for the team.

I have worked in the sector of transport industry before having been a Customer Service Assistant for a transport and haulage company. I am certain that my years at the University of Lincoln doing Events Management have helped with my inclusion at MVIS.

Outside of work, I am renovating a house I bought in April 2022, we have been working on it for over a year and we believe it is really coming together. My parents own a pub and I like to help them with serving our loyal customers.

Mark Ashbee

As our London Depot Manager, you’ll often find me out on the road, delivering, servicing or collecting our VMS units. I joined MVIS in 2015 and since then have been responsible for the maintenance of our products, ensuring that our depots continue to run smoothly, helping us to deliver the products our customers need, on time, wherever they are.

Jon Larkins

As a Delivery Driver for MVIS, I spend most of my working day travelling around the UK to ensure that MVIS’ range of traffic and event management equipment is delivered on time. In order to achieve this, it is important to be dependable and quick to learn. Since working for MVIS, I have been developing my knowledge of our varied product lines and have proved myself to be a great team player.


Rebecca Prince

I started with MVIS in March 2015, I have grown alongside this company and it has grown beside me. I appreciate all that the company has offered me and all I have learned from it.

I started in MVIS as an apprentice and have been able to learn new skills and develop my understanding of the industry I am in. My many years with MVIS has allowed me to learn the Highways Industry and taught me how to do my job as efficiently as possible.

Outside of MVIS, my husband and I have just bought a caravan so we can start taking weekends away with our dog, Stanley. I also run a baking themed Instagram and bake interesting cakes for friends and family.

Connor Dickson

Connor has a lot of experience in the ITS Solution sector, having worked with products like ours for many years.

He has stated that he is excited for new challenges that we will present to him, and has already brought so many ideas to our table.

Outside of work Connor supports Newcastle United Football Club. You can often finding him playing football,  just like the team he loves so much.

Dan Casey

Joining the team in May 2023, I look forward to continuing my journey in the world of Traffic Management.

I have always worked on the roads and am well equipped to ensure I can deliver a Platinum Level Service to our customers.

I have a long relationship with the Traffic Management sector as I started working in removals, then moving onto Central Line Markings and painting lines and symbols on the roads. I have previous experience with the units MVIS used as I monitored them in my past jobs.

In my spare time I like to be out on the greens shooting golf and practicing my short game, I also love to host BBQs for my children and grandkids and spend as much quality time with my family as I can, nothing compares to the hot sun and the smell of the BBQ.

Adam Brown

Before coming to MVIS I had the exciting job of decorating shopping centres ready for the festive seasons, we would often go in overnight and decorate them for the next morning. However, there comes a time when someone is looking for their next challenge.

This is why I am excited to start my new role driving for MVIS, my job decorating gave me opportunity to travel the UK and bring my Knowledge of the Roads to the Highways Sector.

Nothing is better than the guarantee of coming home every evening so I can spend time with my amazing family, something this new job is giving me.

I am looking forward to working with the team at MVIS!

Richard Staton

I love driving and have always been on the road, before coming to MVIS I was an HGV driver commuting across England to deliver goods.

I have come to MVIS for a new challenge, while still being on the road, the idea of having to deliver the signs but potentially maintain them excites me and I am looking forward to making a difference on the road network I used to drive every day.

Part of this job also means I am home every night with my family, and I get to spend time with them, something I didn’t get when I was long distance.

Danny Longstaff

After four years of working with VMS and other roadside technology, I decided to join MVIS.

Having worked with VMS and CCTV in past jobs, I was excited to join MVIS and help push their innovations forward and help contribute to the company with my dedication to ensuring the safe delivery of our products.

I am ready for the change and the opportunity working with MVIS brings and am ready to join a company that gets me home to my family on time and making sure we have precious quality time with them.