Run effective events with the Colour Mobile VMS at MVIS

Here at MVIS we provide colour mobile variable message signs (VMS) that can help anyone to run an effective event.

Organising a festival, sporting event or any kind of large event can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. Our VMS carry a number of benefits that can not only help to organise an event, but also help to advertise brands and products.

Traffic Management

Aside from the event itself, our VMS can help to organise traffic to and from the venue. The signs can be programmed remotely, which allows operators to update the message displayed when appropriate. For instance, it could notify drivers of any accidents, the quickest route to get through the traffic or even provide vital information on the event before people arrive at the venue.

Crowd Management

VMS signs are great at crowd management, helping organisers to keep crowds flowing, notify them where they need to be for certain events and to keep them informed with the latest event information. With our VMS, you can put up mobile signs quickly and efficiently, transmit important information and real time updates to the crowd. The five colour matrix on the system, which includes red, green, blue, white and yellow, is perfect for grabbing attention and retaining it.


No matter what you’re selling, our VMS are perfect for advertising products or brands at any type of event. The five colour matrix is perfect for grabbing attention, whilst the sheer size of the boards are certain to make the crowd sit up and take notice.