Our dedicated team are still upskilling

At MVIS / Bartco UK, we believe that quality starts with our staff and therefore we like to ensure that each member of our team is fully trained in order to provide our customers with the highest service possible. With this in mind, we like to embrace all achievements our team earn and do not shy away from a congratulations! 

Since joining us in mid-2019, Bartco UK’s two newest recruits have been on several training courses including manual handling and safety inductions, with their most recent earned qualification being their forklift training.

Liam Griffiths and Jacob Spencer have received certification from KMT training solutions following the completion of a forklift course earlier on in the year, luckily just before the lockdown. Courses like these do not only improve our team’s knowledge within the business, but it also strengthens their skill set which can be taken with them through advancements of their career in the future.

Professional development is key to striving within this industry, as it allows us to offer our customers the best production and maintenance services – something that we are proud to be able to promote as the number one VMS distributor in the UK. Investing time and effort into our employees ensures continuous staff and company development and progression that we can, at least in part, attribute our growth to.   

After joining our team, Liam and Jacob have been progressing their skills both in house and externally to be fully qualified to deliver the highest quality service through all jobs within our workshop. Daily, the team are working on refurbished units and new builds in order to meet the needs of our customers as well as performing maintenance checks on units.

But Bartco UK aren’t the only ones pushing an agenda of staff development. Since her promotion to Marketing Assistant for MVIS last year, Tillie Woolliscroft has undergone a significant amount of training.


This training is advancing Tillie’s skills in the field of marketing, equipping her with specialist knowledge that helps her increase her productivity and effectiveness in her new role. Tillie’s commitment to her job has seen her been awarded Employee of the Month twice in 2020 already, with her skills and experience only getting better.

Likewise, the whole MVIS team have undergone upskilling in recent months in the form of digital communications. Whilst some of our team were already proficient in digital communications,however many members haven’t had need to use corporate communication tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom before.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, both the MVIS and Bartco UK workforce have been required to understand how to use this technology in order to continue working. In true MVIS / Bartco UK fashion, the whole team adapted seamlessly, allowing for a new era of working processes for the group.

Despite the two company’s continuous support, training can only go so far and without the dedication of our team to their work, their colleagues and their safety, the group wouldn’t be the great example of success with staff development and retention that it is today.