MVIS Sponsors Original Jesters’ Karl ‘Tinker’ Johnston

Karl ‘Tinker’ Johnston
Karl ‘Tinker’ Johnston

MVIS is proud to announce their latest sponsored athlete as Karl ‘Tinker’ Johnston of Matlock’s Original Jesters club.

Karl, who currently holds the Professional English K1 title, made his boxing debut for the Original Jesters on Saturday last week with a new shirt featuring the MVIS logo.

Karl was up against Huddersfield’s well-known ‘Disco’ Dave Lowes who proved awkward during the first two rounds.

However, Karl quickly caught up and landed some powerful blows before winning by KO in the third round.

MVIS’ announcement comes weeks after they unveiled their first sponsor, John Mickel of Mickel Motorsports.

If you are interested in training alongside the Original Jesters, or would like to book a private session, please contact them on 07874 655146.