MVIS: The SMART choice for Event Managers

As an Event Manager, you have a lot on your plate. From the initial development right up to delivery, there are a lot of details to consider and all whilst keeping to strict timelines and maintaining great relationships with staff and suppliers. It all contributes towards ensuring everything is in place, at the right time – and don’t forget making sure that it all comes in under budget too! We know it’s hard work, which is why choosing MVIS as your official supplier of event equipment to help keep your crowds safe and well informed is a SMART choice.

SAFETY: Our great range of variable message signs make a big impact, and are a fast, efficient way to keep crowds well informed and most of all, safe. Available in a variety of sizes from the 600mm x 600mm HD Quattro, to the much larger 2730mm x 1850mm VMSC, they are a useful and practical resource to display directions and important information on, and can be changed in an instant using any Wi-Fi enabled Apple device through our innovative Web Studio™. So even if plans change – for example, if a car park is full and motorists need to be re-directed to an alternative route, you can be assured that there will be minimal disruption.

MADE FOR YOU: As many of the MVIS event solutions are customisable, you can be confident that whatever your needs are, we have them covered. The Solar IP is an innovative mobile product allowing a flexible combination of event management solutions. Select your preferred combination from our portfolio: ANPR, CCTV and radar can all be accommodated on the Solar IP, and any combination of equipment housed in the platform may be easily altered to meet your changing requirements. This solution is simple and cost-effective to deploy, and because the Solar IP is not dependent on external energy supply, it is also environmentally friendly and silent in operation.

ADVERTISE: As well as offering an effective way of communicating important information to crowds, MVIS’ range of VMS units provide a great opportunity for advertising. As VMS units can support pictograms as well as text, they provide a great chance to deliver promotional messages such as dates of future events, messages from your sponsors or even paid-advertising from external businesses to a large audience in a simple yet effective way.

RELIABLE: As an MVIS customer, you can trust us to deliver not only great products, but also a great service. If you’re unsure of the best crowd control solution for your event, talk to our helpful team. They’re well placed to advise you of all the different systems that are available to you, and can offer useful information about how they will work for you. What’s more, because we offer a 24/7 customer support service, no matter when or where your event takes place, there will always be a member of the MVIS team on hand to offer assistance should you need it.

TIMELY: MVIS operates from both Matlock in the heart of the Peak District and Bow, East London, and with over 20 depots across the UK it means that no matter where you are, you can rest assured that the event management products you require will be in stock and held close-by.

If you would like to talk to us about which of MVIS’ event management solutions are right for you, please get in touch on 01629 580 570.