Why the MVIS Portable CCTV is right for you.

When you need to guarantee road safety and speed enforcement our CCTV platform offers all the features to make it a perfect solution. Mounted on a mast, the PTZ CCTV system achieves outstanding video performance while still being removed from immediate environmental danger or physical abuse.

Its portability and easy-use makes the CCTV system a versatile and reliable solution, especially in roadwork zones and school zones, where road safety is absolutely paramount. Operable in both day time and night time conditions the Portable CCTV system boats an impressive minimum illumination as low as 0.0004 lux in night mode. With an array of optical encoders the camera guarantees consistently accurate positioning and repeatability as well as an impressive 10x optical zoom.

For more specialist uses an optional heater will keep the Portable CCTV system functioning in temperatures as low as -40C and its durability is further extended with its toughened glass window. The model is also vandal resistant, offering you complete peace of mind wherever it’s placed.

Mounted on MVIS’ Solar Intelligent Platform the Portable CCTV offers the flexibility and versatility present across our entire range and its ease of deployment means you’ll have it up and running in no time. Solar panels save on power consumption costs and also offer an innovative, ecologically friendly solution to any traffic management application.