MVIS Help with Mock Interviews

As a fantastic way to start our 2020 community outreach activities, MVIS took part in an interesting annual initiative run by Highfields School in Matlock. Being local to us, we were more than happy to assist with such a forward-thinking project, which no doubt helps shape the children of Matlock into employable and successful young adults at the incredibly important time of Year 11.

The initiative was to deliver mock job interviews for the children. Highfields School looked to businesses and organisations from around the area to send professionals to conduct the interviews, giving the Year 11s a chance to take part in an interview-styled experience that they could benefit from. As well as interviewing the children, business representatives were encouraged to offer advice on good interview technique to pupils as opportunities presented, providing them with a very real opportunity to grow and learn from the experience.

Despite interviewing a few children each, the professional participants were given plenty of time to interview properly, ensuring that the Year 11s had the best possible opportunity to learn. A representative from the school told us, “I was speaking with a group of girls who took part and they said that it really helped them, as they all had college interviews next week.  A few said they were nervous but once they had got through the interview, they came out relieved and smiling. Two students told me it even made them think about their life to-date and they found the interview very helpful.”  

MVIS, and sister company Bartco UK, highly values our good relationship with Highfields School. Being a business local to Matlock, we had enough of a stake in the development of Matlock’s youth to make this worth doing; as an employer who has taken on many apprentices from Highfields School in the past, there is a fair chance that in future we may end up even recruiting some of the children who took part in this. Indeed, members of our team themselves took part in the same initiative as Highfield School pupils only a few years ago.

We thank Highfields School for the opportunity to be part of this exercise and we look forward to taking part again next year.

For more information about our corporate social responsibility strategy or if you would like MVIS to be a part of your community project, please contact or you can call us on 01629 580 570.