MVIS Delivers Fast Results for the Construction Industry

With a wealth of experience working on large highways and construction projects over the years, MVIS is well aware of the challenges that these projects can throw up on a daily basis.

After talking to our trusted customers, we’ve highlighted some of the biggest challenges facing the construction and highways sectors today, and how MVIS delivers fast solutions to overcome these.

Benefits of pre-hiring VMS units from MVIS

1. Time

Tight deadlines are a pre-requisite of highways projects and with tighter and tighter time constraints, it makes sense to pre-hire your equipment to ensure it’s been delivered before you even arrive onsite. MVIS’ variable message signs (VMS) can be pre-booked to arrive onsite, and with our handy BartcoLive app, you can create and program your content ahead of your project so you are ready to hit the ground running as soon as you arrive.

2. Cost

Budgets for highways and construction projects are ever shrinking, so the more in control of project costs you can be, the better. Pre-planning and pre-ordering your highways and construction solutions equipment direct from MVIS means there are no unexpected surprises when it comes to your budget.

3. Quality

The last thing you want when you’re in the middle of a high-speed project is for your equipment to malfunction. MVIS’ portfolio of traffic management solutions for the highways sector is hard-working and high quality, meaning you can rely on MVIS to deliver solutions you can trust. And – as unlikely as it is – if something does go wrong, all MVIS customers have access to our 24/7 support service which guarantees an initial response from our team within 4-hours

4. Weather

From time to time, extreme weather conditions may cause a project to take longer than it should, but they won’t affect your traffic management equipment. Made with the highest quality LEDs, the non-glare screen is designed to offer maximum visibility when when conditions get tough, and our VMS units are completely weatherproof, so come rain or shine, you can depend on MVIS to deliver time after time.

5. Safety

Safety is the upmost concern of anyone involved in highways and construction projects. MVIS’ Overhead Service Unit was developed to further enhance site safety for the workforce by using editable text or pictograms to warn in advance of overhead obstructions.

For more information on MVIS’ traffic management portfolio, please call MVIS on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team.