MVIS assists the local community with #ChallengeDerbyshire

As part of our commitment to our community, MVIS are always seeking ways we can assist local charities and causes, which has never been more important than it is now, having been dealing with the impact of COVID for a year now.

So vast is the impact, virtually no charities have been immune from the effects of the pandemic, with physical fundraising activities taking a huge knock, many charities have had to shelve a lot of fundraising activities and adapt with other plans, or delay activities to when things return to a degree of normalcy.

Three charities who have of course been impacted by this are Ashgate Hospicecare, Blythe House Hospicecare and Helen’s Trust, who are not only continuing to do their great work in supporting patients and their families needing end of life care, but are also playing a vital role in our community’s fight out of the current pandemic,  despite the limitations placed on their activities.

#ChallengeDerbyshire is an initiative founded by Markovitz in 2015 to raise money for these three amazing local end of life charities. Bringing local businesses together, #ChallengeDerbyshire is a well established organisation committed to ensuring they continue and thrive, which at this current time is a vital and much needed force in the local area.

Currently to date with the community’s support, #ChallengeDerbyshire have raised over £1.1million through the various campaigns held throughout the year, however, as a result of COVID, many of these have been delayed, including their fun filled annual Charity Ball, which is not only an enjoyable evening where we can all come together and celebrate, but also helps to raise further much-needed funds.

Due to this, Business Memberships have never been more important for #ChallengeDerbyshire and the 3 charities they focus on. MVIS are proud to support this initiative with continued membership through out 2021, as well as going towards helping our latest company charity, Ashgate Hospicecare, in line with our commitment to them, our local community and our corporate social responsibility.

Donate to #ChallengeDerbyshire.