Streamlining Sales and Hire.

After Quadrants recent acquisition of MVIS Ltd, Bartco UK and Bartco Australia, the decision has been taken for the UK companies MVIS Ltd and Bartco UK to be combined. Giving a simpler uniformed sale and hire process to all our customers, old and new. Further embedding our platinum level service.

The whole Quadrant global group is to be uniformed and work much closer using the strong skills across the global entities. We believe that this is the right move for MVIS Ltd and Bartco AU and are excited about the prospect moving forward.

Our newly promoted Head of Global R&D David Chamberlain has already started working closely on development of new products for the UK market. With our MVIS R&D manager Tom Hooton and new promoted Global Group CEO Pat Musgrave, to deliver the new products the market requires and to help MVIS move forward into the next generation of ITS products.

Tom and Pat are sharing the knowledge the UK has acquired over the last 11 years of working in the UK ITS market with Bartco Au and the products that have been developed here for the highspeed network, an area Australia is currently heavily investing in.

The acquisition by New York based Quadrant has given the global companies a further opportunity to combine the knowledge and skills of the staff who already work within the companies, along with the experience the new owners also bring to the group.


Anne Ashman MVIS Commercial & Operations Director said:

“These are exciting times. The changes that have already started to be implemented have had a positive impact on the staff and company. Meetings are being held with the global team and we are all working to the same goal, sharing our knowledge, and playing to our strengths. To have this opportunity for UK and Australian companies to work even more closely together and share our knowledge to promote the companies to new levels is a great opportunity for us all”.


Pat Musgrave Group CEO Commented:

“Taking control of the global group has given me the opportunity to look at an improved pricing structure for our customers across hire and sales in both the UK and Australia. Working closer with the R&D department is allowing me to look at new products and markets to provide the already high quality ITS products both Bartco AU and MVIS Ltd have become known for along with new products that will propel the group companies into the next generation”.