Mark Ashbee: London Depot Supervisor

As our London Depot Supervisor, Mark is a trusted member of the MVIS team.

How long have you been with MVIS?:
I joined MVIS on the 1st February 2016.

Job role:
My main responsibilities are the delivery and collection of VMS around London and the south of England, making repairs to VMS and CCTV.

I also carry out daily checks on vehicles we use, keep the depot clean and tidy and have products ready to deployed at short notice.

Recent projects:
The most recent big project London depot was involved in was a major tram accident in Croydon, when local agencies needed VMS deployed that day to warn motorists about diversions and road closures. We had the VMS in stock and they were ready to be delivered that afternoon. I think to have the units already to be deployed saved us precious time.

How did you get into the industry:
I come from a varied background from running bars and restaurant to waste management. I heard about the job from a good friend who worked for the company.

Most fulfilling part of your role:
The most fulfilling part of my role is to have VMS ready to be delivered as l like to be organised. Every day is different and you never know what might come through the office.

More about me:
I have two young boys – Tom and Jerry – who keep me busy when I’m at home.

When l get the time, l enjoy martial arts training which l have done for years.