Lights, camera…action!

The star quality of MVIS’ lighting solutions was spotted by two major film companies who deployed the products in Manchester and Liverpool during the creation of two blockbuster productions.

As with everything to do with the film industry, the details of the deals remain shrouded in secrecy, but MVIS is able to confirm that its lighting solutions have definitely made a name for themselves with the production companies.

Said MVIS’ managing director, Tony Price:  “I think MVIS has a bright future ahead of it in the film industry for many reasons.

“Not only do our LED lighting towers produce superior definition, clarity and colour reproduction, but their mobility and the fact that they are solar powered make them particularly appealing to this sector.

“Solar powered LED towers replace the need for halogen or fluorescent sources, providing huge expanses of areas with white, shadow-free light, without the noise of a generator or the smell of diesel.

“They are also energy efficient, generating light at a fraction of the CO2 output associated with diesel powered lighting towers.

“The products were extremely well-received by the production companies, and MVIS looks forward to winning more deals in this very exciting sector in future.”

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